202020Fund Review – Real Trading or Scam? 202020fund.net

202020fund review

In this 202020Fund Review, find out if they are really trading to provide you with a viable way to earn up to 1.3% daily ROI .

202020Fund The Company:

There is no information about who owns or runs this ai bot passive income trading platform on their website.

Their domain (202020fund.net) was privately registered:

38 days old
Created on 2023-10-07
Expires on 2024-10-07
Updated on 2023-10-07

202020Fund Chief Marketing Officer:

In a marketing video an American fellow named Bobby Burns claims to be the Chief Marketing Officer.

202020fund bobby burns chief marketing officer

Based on what Burns said in the marketing video, he has been involved in Marketing Sales for Corporate America, dabbled with trading stocks and commodities pre 911, got into crypto back in 2015 and owns several brick and mortar business.

It’s not clear as to the level of his experience / expertise in the trading of crypto ETC.

202020Fund AI Trading Bot:

202020fund ai bot trader

They claim that somehow they have created an AI Bot that supposedly generates them profits of up to 1.3% Daily.

According to them…

At 202020Fund, we combine cutting-edge AI technology and advanced trading bots to provide you with a seamless, efficient, and profitable investment experience.

Our proprietary AI algorithms analyze market trends, news, and data in real-time to make informed trading decisions. This allows us to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and maximize your potential profits.

Sadly there is no proof of any of this.

202020Fund License and Registration:

According to them…

With over 10 years of experience in the financial world, we are here to provide a model of innovation and international trade in which inventors auction their technology in both domestic and foreign markets and we provide the investors in that equation.

202020Fund is officially registered and regulated by the UK company house with CN: 15127890.

Sadly they have only been in business for 38 days at the time of doing this review so 10 years in biz is a lie.

Important Note:

A UK Incorporation is not regulated.

In order for them to be legal since they are claiming a UK Address, they must be registered with the UK FCA.

They are not registered anywhere in the world to offer the public a passive investment opportunity.

202020Fund Investment Packages / Plans:

Affiliates invest their crypto for a promised daily return:

Saver’s Fund
1% daily
Min Deposit: $20
Max Deposit: $1,999
ROI: 20%
Frequency: Every 20 business days

Grower’s Fund
1.1% daily
Min Deposit: $2,000
Max Deposit: $24,999
ROI: 22%
Frequency: Every 20 business days

Entrepreneur’s Fund
1.2% daily
Min Deposit: $25,000
Max Deposit: $99,999
ROI: 24%
Frequency: Every 20 business days

Enterprise Fund
1.3% daily
Min Deposit: $100,000
Max Deposit: $1,000,000
ROI: 26%
Frequency: Every 20 business days

202020Fund Affiliate Program (MLM Comp Plan):

They are rewarding people to ‘recruit’ family and friends.

They are paying out referral commissions using a Uni-Level Compensation Plan to a depth of 20 levels deep:

Level 1 5%
Level 2 – 5 1%
Level 6 – 10 0.5%
Level 11 – 20 0.25%


I don’t recommend them.


Too many red flags:

1- Anonymous Experts (other than Bobby Burns)

2- No Proof of Expertise

3- No Proof of Trading:

In the back office, members claim to see ‘live’ trades that turns out to be ‘recorded’ footage of past trading sessions.

202020fund proof of trades

This doesn’t really prove anything.

4- No Proof of Revenue ‘Outside’ Network Marketing

5- Not Registered

6- Unsustainable ROI


If Burns and the rest of the gang could actually come up with a way to make up to 1.3% daily, why would they need an MLM Compensation Plan?

Once Network Marketing ‘Recruitment’ dries up, this will trigger a collapse that ends up leaving the majority of ‘passive income’ investors in deep losses.

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