rory singh

Rory Singh is a loving husband, father of three sons and content creator online.

I went through some rough times in life (flood, homelessness and even false arrest) that my story got the attention of Legendary Marketer Founder David Sharpe himself.

Watch my interview here:

I used to be a burnt out truck driver in Canada who got fed up of working up to 80 hours per week, always away from home and turned to the Internet for a way out.

Eventually I found a good system, plugged into the training and started seeing income.

In the beginning the income was small but after getting more serious, started seeing sizeable amounts…

What’s more important than the income potential with this system, is the knowledge and expertise that you could obtain.

With this training, I even learned how to go from a burnt out trucker to earning online and even getting on Leader Boards with Super Affiliates:

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