Rory Singh

Rory Singh was a Truck Driver in Ontario, Canada and came online back in 2006 when he was first introduced to Internet Marketing by a family friend.

He used to be the type of person who considered anything ‘outside’ a job or traditional brick and mortar business a scam.

However after his life took a turn of events (a death of a family member), he started questioning everything and eventually took to a different path…

He opened his MIND to new possibilities.

I am a loving husband and father to 3 beautiful boys.

I have been in the MLM industry since the late 80’s and used to sell water filters part time door to door for a popular water filter MLM company.

I had my share of small wins and successes but never made much money until I came online, plugged into a training platform and eventually ‘transformed’ the way I created an income.

I have been doing reviews since 2013 and have seen many systems, people, leaders and companies come and go in this industry of Make Money Online.

What I have learned in life so far is that we will be challenged in moments of adversity to help up step into ’empowerment’.

Life is all about lessons and if we learn what we need to learn, things don’t have to be so hard (if you have been experiencing some hard times).

The system that I am promoting is responsible for teaching me some much needed education that every affiliate marketer needs to learn…

If you want to become a ‘Super Affiliate’, keep getting on the LeaderBoards with them (with a job, there is a cap on your income. But with affiliate marketing, there are no caps):


This has been one heck of a lifetime for me but it’s not over yet.

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