Billionico Review, GSPartners Rebranded For US & Canadians?

billionico review

Billionico Review, did GSPartners launch this platform in secrecy to dupe US & Canadian Investors into depositing even more of their money?

Let’s find out…

Before I get started, this is more of a ‘speculative’ review and I am not going to get into a great detail regarding numbers and figures.

I am more focused on the “why” did GSPartners rebrand (if they truly did and why are they trying to keep it secret.

Comment on my Youtube channel leading me to believe that GSPartners has rebranded to Billionico:

gspartners rebrands to billionico

Why Would GSPartners Rebrand to Billionico?

GSPartners got a whole bunch of ‘negative’ fame from the US and Canadian Authorities that lead to many fraud warnings and Cease & Desist orders.

Josip Heit Started terminating investors accounts…

josip heit gspartners Croatian Kingpin

After getting in hot water in the US and Canada (GSPartners biggest contributing countries), Josip Heit decided to Terminate / block all US and & Canadian Investors.

GSPartners / Billionico Seems like a Cult:

gspartners scam promoter

At First I thought this was just a comment from someone who believed they actually made investments in real assets. However it looks more like the person who left this comment was just being sarcastic and trying to make it sound like GSPartners is legit.

Some of their Kool-aid Drinkers are a real piece of work…die hard fans, promoters and downline builders.

Billionico Front Man:

Darren Von Lison (a guy from Germany who seems to be trying to give off the Super Wealthy appearance on his Facebook timeline):

Daniel Von Lison Billionico

Who is Billionico?
Baron Daniel Von Lison is a celebrated businessman with a track record for delivering excellence. From managing luxury brands, organizing global fashion events, running his real estate empire, to assembling international figures of influence into an Elite Club, his successful track record is globally recognized.

I personally don’t think he’s an Elite but wants to be one and is ‘attracting’ others who also want to appear Elite.

Top Countries to

billionico top countries

Billionico Traffic Stats (click to view): traffic stats


As I said at the beginning of this review that this is more of my view (speculation).

I personally believe that GSPartners has rebranded to Billionico.


GSPartners lost a lot of new investment after potential investors got scared off from all the US and Canadian fraud warnings.

That prompted GSPartners kingpin to terminate all US and Canadian investor accounts.

I also think that this is a way for GSPartners and Top MLM Scam Promoters to milk even more money out of their downlines.

Why The Secrecy?

This part doesn’t make too much sense.

If GSPartners (now Billionico) has run dry of ‘new investment’ funding, how on earth will they keep the dream alive by just promoting this new scheme to people ‘already’ in the deal?

I also don’t think most of the people who lost their seed money from Canada and the US will put even more money in this.

Eventually if top GSPartners / Billionico MLM Scam Promoters want to keep earning in order to keep living their lifestyles (wannabe rich and famous), they will have to start promoting this massively to the public.

In the end…

Once network marketing recruitment dries up, this Billionico scheme will collapse leaving the majority of passive investors in deep losses just like with GSParnters.

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