CashFX Still Behind 12 Weeks In Payments Jan 2022 Deadline Missed!


The CashFX ship may be finally sinking! There are way too many disgruntled investors who are reporting

over 12 week delays.

A year ago, most of their distributors and investors were saying that Cashfx was the best thing to happen to them.


And most were claiming it was 100% legit and not a ponzi.

But in reality, most people knew it was a ponzi scheme from day 1 that never had any real Forex Traders or Trading.

Back in November 2021, CFX admins came up with the excuse of ‘cyber attack’ and that was the reason they are late.

Huascar Lopez claimed that they would have all withdrawals back to normal (all caught up) by Jan 2022.

Now the dead line has passed and he is now blaming delays on another cyber attack that is taking tech guys extra long to repair the back office.

Some affiliates of CFX were wandering if Huascar disappeared altogether but low and behold the Lifestyle Legacy company leader popped up (on vacation) on some high mountain peak in Switzerland…


Even though Huascar was wishing everyone in CFX Happy New Year. some of his investors couldn’t care less…


And even though most Cashfx investors are claiming they still haven’t gotten paid in 8 to 12 weeks (meaning that most of the ‘passive’ investors are not getting Ka-ching), some GULLIBLE People are still planning on investing (maybe)..


Who is dumb enough to be putting money into CFX when everyone is complaining about not being able to get money out?


Investors are so angry that they are overrunning Trust pilot with ‘negative’ reviews…


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