Cashfx November 8 2022 Withdrawal Update – Still Not Paying!

cashfx nov 8 2022 withdrawal update

Cashfx has been around since March 2019.

Cashfx Fraud Warnings:

They have over 23 Securities Regulator Fraud Warnings worldwide but despite authorities warning the public not to invest into CFX Group, most people don’t heed the warnings.

Cashfx is still up and running for 3 and a half years now.

Earlier this year back in January, they claimed that they got caught up in paying out withdrawals.

But that was just a load of bunk.


Many hopeful investors believe that just because a ponzi scheme is running after 3 years that maybe they can earn passively with it.

But Bernie Maddoff scammed people for over 20 years and stole over $50Billion from passive investors but sadly most of them lost way more than they ever gained.

Negative Trust Pilot Reviews:

cashfx trust pilot review november 8 2022

Lady above gave them her money but can’t withdraw or even close her account.

She claims she reached out to the police, the bank and even Action Fraud (a UK fraud and cybercrime agency) with no luck.

It’s impossible to get your money back from scammers overseas who run these ponzis.

Spencer Cornelia Even Warned People NOT To Invest:

spencer cornelia warns investors about cashfx scam

Over half a million people watched these two videos above but still most people did not listen.

Most of the investors in these kinds of deals are trained not to listen to what Huascar Lopez refers to as ‘Ass Clowns’ (meaning anyone not in CFX calling it a scam).

Cashfx Running Out of Money?

Word on the street is CFX is running low on deposited funds by new investors.

Apparently they went from $10M per month to under $1M in new revenue from hopeful investors.

According to a traffic search, most of the traffic is coming from:

cashfx group top investor countries november 2022

I have no idea who the heck would be investing into Cashfx even though they haven’t paid any investor for over a year.

You can get money into CFX Group but just can’t get it out.

However the top 13 to 20 MLM Leaders are still getting paid hush money to keep their teams motivated.

And believe it or not, the little guys and gals (who are still not getting paid) are still recruiting people into the scheme.

What is Huascar Lopez and the admin gang doing with the deposited funds?

Most likely they are heavily investing into Real Estate and other high yielding assets.

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