Chuck Norris Endorses Hyperverse / Hyperfund MLM Ponzi Scheme


Did Chuck Norris actually endorse Hyperverse and even give it a thumbs up? Desperate time for Chuck or brain fart?

Let’s find out…

Chuck Norris has come so far away from his days of Glory (fighting Kung Fu Legends like Bruce Lee):


I am uncertain if Chuck Norris actually knows what he just did (with this Hyperscam endorsement).

But for those unfamiliar with Hyperverse / Hyperfund, it’s a Ponzi Scheme where failed Network Marketers go for one last shot at succeeding.

This post that I found some guy named Roy sums this all up…


These are the people who have failed for decades even years at trying to sell their MLM products to family and friends but who still didn’t find success.

The Chuck Norris Hyperfund / Hyperverse endorsement is like 15 seconds long but still he is endorsing a well known scam.


All of the affiliates know it’s a Crypto Currency Investment Scam.

So shouldn’t ole Chuck?

Well Hollywood actor / reality star / martial artist and even police officer – Steven Seagal made the same mistake not too long ago.


The ole Zen master got paid to endorse another Crypto Scam called Bitcoiin (spelled on purpose with two iis) back in 2018.

I am not sure if Steven got desperate but he took on a little pay for pretending he was the ponzi scheme’s ambassador.

According to this

Seagal, 67, did not tell his millions of social media followers that Bitcoiin2Gen had promised him $250,000 in cash and $750,000 worth of its tokens before promoting its initial coin offering on Twitter and Facebook, according to the SEC. Under the settlement, Seagal agreed to pay the SEC more than $330,000 in penalties and interest, including $157,000 that Bitcoiin2Gen had already paid him.

Then there is the story of Canadian Star of Dawson Creek (Joshua Jackson), who got paid by Hyperverse Founder (Ryan Xu) a few years ago when Hyperverse was called Media Chain.

Jackson pretended he was ponzi scam ‘humbled’ software engineer – Eugene Kyslov…


And even President Trump got his quick bucks endorsement money for his past ACN Endorsement.


President Donald Trump took $8.8 million from a multi-level marketing company called ACN between 2005 and 2015 and I believe some disgruntled Network Marketeters (who didn’t succeed with ACN after they saw Trump’s endorsement) actually took him to court and the case is still ongoing.

What will Hyperverse / Hyperfund cult followers say about all of this?

They will just smile and say that if Mr. Chuck Norris is endorsing their ponzi, that it must be 100% legit!

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