CrypArena Review – Legit 200% Monthly ROI or Scam? | Cryp Arena


In This CrypArena Review, find out if you can really make a 200% Monthly Return along with the overall legitimacy of this platform.

Type of System: MLM / Passive / Crypto / HYIP

CrypArena The Company:

There is not enough information to verify who exactly runs this company from the details they have listed on

There are also too many inconsistencies…

  • They have a New Zealand address in their website header.
  • They have a UK Incorporation certificate on their website under authorization.
  • They also have an Georgia State LLC (American) certificate.
  • They have a South African Incorporation certificate.
  • They even have a Zimbabwe Incorporation certificate.

But what the don’t have is a Securities Registration (what they need to show to offer an investment opportunity to the public) for ANY Jurisdiction anywhere in the world.

The domain was registered on July 04, 2021 using ‘incomplete’ details (see video review below for more info).

The good news is they do have people, pictures, titles and even bios on their website as their admins / executive team.

The CrypArena CEO is listed as ‘Oscar Moore’ from Ireland but has no Irish accent at all. In their marketing video, he barely can speak English.


The bad news is none of them can be verified.

There is no digital foot print outside of their website to back up any of these identities.

To appear legitimate…

On the marketing videos from their official you tube channel, CrypArena has what appears to be hired actors with Spanish accents (maybe a country like Dominican Republic), or a South American / Central American country.

Employees (actors do a terrible acting job) with a rented office set complete with names and banners of their company.


Guys on the phone in the back ground are all talking simultaneously into phones but have no paper or any other files to take records from these calls.

They have a New Zealand address on their website but none of these individuals have New Zealand accents.

Usually these types of systems (MLM / passive investment) with a fake CEO and fake team in rented office space are usually Russian owned.

But maybe the South Americans are trying to get their cut in the MLM passive investment industry.

CrypArena Product Line:

They don’t have any retail able products or services.

The only thing their affiliates can market are their affiliate memberships themselves.

CrypArena Compensation Plan:

Investors invest Crypto for an advertised 200% monthly ROI.

However, none of their plans offer anywhere near 200%.

CrypArena has 3 investment plans to choose from:


Alt Alpha AI: Deposit $25 to $20,000, promise of 1.8% to 2% / day for 120 days

Alt Aqua AI: Deposit $20,500 to $50,000, promise of 2.5% to 2.75% / day for 100 days

Alt Amaze AI: Deposit $50,500 to $100,000, promise of 3.25% to 3.5% / day for 80 days

Residual Commissions:

They are paying out residuals using an MLM binary matrix.

Referral Commissions:

CrypArena are paying out 8 to 10% referral commissions based on affiliate rank and performance of referring affiliates.

Cost to Join CrypArena:

1- Free (for affiliates) but you can only earn ‘referral’ commissions this route.

2- Investment of $25 (minimum) to $100,000 (for passive investors).


Watch Full CrypArena Review:

Does a CrypArena Scam Exist?

Well let’s look at the facts:

1- Anonymous owners

2- Hired actors and poor acting job

3- Location unknown

4- Unsustainable ROI

5- No proof of any AI Trader revenue exists to pay investors

6- Unregistered Securities Offering.


If these anonymous people could actually come up with a way to make to make 3.5% per day or even 200% monthly ROI, why would they need random strangers online?

More importantly…

Why would they need a Network Marketing Comp Plan?

My Verdict:

Since there are no verifiable revenue outside of Network Marketing recruitment, once recruitment dries up, CrypArena will collapse, exit scam and the anonymous people will run off with the Lions share of invested crypto.

In the end most of the investors will lose most of their money.

Rory Singh is a Home Business Development Coach, Blogger and You Tube Publisher.

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Author: Rory Singh