CryptOption Collapses, Website Offline, Blames Hackers

cryptopion collapses

Cryptoption ( website is offline and admins claim that they have been attacked by hackers holding their website for ransom.

Is any of that true?

Let’s find out…

Cryptoption Original CEO Was a fake made up identity:

cryptoption ceo

Turns out that Cryptoption Kingpin is some dude with ‘Eastern European’ accent:

crytpoption admin deletes his telegram account

Scammers usually stay hidden for legal issues but this guy seemed to have been wanting some of the spotlight since he was making video and posting them proudly on telegram.

cryptoption hacker threats

Sounds like another ‘cock and bull’ story to me.

cryptoption website protected by cloudflare is being protected by Cloudflare and most likely was sabotaged internally by the European dude above.

cryptoption disable withdrawals

People (investors) have not been able to withdraw for weeks.

cryptoption traffic declines

Traffic to Cryptoption has been on a steady decline since Mid December.

Once network marketing recruitment dries up combined with the Christmas holiday distraction, many crypto ponzi schemes end up collapsing.

European guy just ran out of new investment and his ability to pay out passive investors.

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