Daisy AI Collapses Third Time After 3 Failed Attempts

daisy ai

Daisy AI Collapses again but will this AI Trading Scheme make a come back in February 2024 like they claim or will it flop again?

Let’s find out…

Daisy AI was a scheme believe to be created by an American fellow named Jeremy Roma:

daisy ai owner jeremy roma

When Daisy AI Was originally launched back in 2020, Roma was not hiding behind the schemes and allowing another scheme from Israel called Endotech.

Endotech is headed up by Doctor Anna Becker and Dmitry Goochin:

endotech investments

Originally when Daisy AI Launched, Endotech was using the address (Tuval St 30, Ramat Gan, Israel) on their footer of their website (until I pointed that out in my Review).

This address actually belongs to a Big Restaurant called Noon:

endotech fake address

After word got around that their big headquarter address was a restaurant, Becker and Goochin removed it from their website entirely.

Now after 3 failed attempts in launching, Jeremy Roma announced plans to ‘relaunch’ in February 2024.

Will they ever get this Daisy AI Trading system off the ground in 2024?

Only time will tell but I think it will end up flopping again since there are way more ai trading ponzi schemes nowaday than back in 2020.

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