Defi Synergy Collapses, Rugs and Exit Scams after 1 Month

defi synergy collapses

Defi Synergy a short lived Crypto Ponzi Scheme promoted by MLM Heavy Hitting Scam Promoters collapses after just 1 month of business.

Defi Synergy was a crypto money making scheme that promised unsustainable ROI that supposedly was generated by some kind of AI Bot Trader.

arbitrage stack ai trader bot

They took between $100 to $8,000 from investors and were promising 1% to 2.5% daily passive returns for people willing to invest.

Defi Synergy domain ( was privately registered on December 23, 2023 and didn’t have any information about who owned or ran it.

Defi Synergy Promoters (Scam-Fluencers):

sleezy arbitrage king affiliates

Most of the people representing this company were known for promoting scams such as Novatech FX, GSPartners and The Hyperverse / Hyperfund in the past.

On March 1st they were boasting their 1 month in scamming operations:

defi synergy collapses after 1 month

But sadly now when you go to their website, you see this error…

defi synergy website offline

Website offline which appears to be an ‘internal’ job by Defi Synergy admins.

In order to calm disgruntled investors, they released the following message in their telegram group on March 6th:

defi synergy notice telegram

Why did they collapse?

Usually when ever ponzi schemes collapse, it’s because they have ran dry of new investment to pay out older investers.

The network marketing recruitment has collapsed.

Here’s a graph showing the big decline in traffic to their website:

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