DHF Decentralized Hedge fund Collapses – Huge Losses!

dhf decentralized hedge fund collapses

Did DHF Decentralized Hedge Fund really experience issues with their AI’s primary exchange or did they just Rug Pull because network marketing recruitment declined (like with Cashfx)?

According to DHF…

The DHF platform is a fully autonomous Decentralized Crypto currency Hedge Fund, entirely programed for financial management and ran by Artificial Intelligence. It gives you the liberty to use unlimited crypto currencies in exponential ways and trades 24/7 while you enjoy your life without any worries.

I have to disagree.

Apparently there is a lot for investors to worry about.

DHF claimed that they are experts in crypto trading and somehow they have managed to create an AI Trading Algo that can create 10% monthly.

DHF Decentralized Hedge fund Ownerships and Expertise:

But these experts never showed any proof that they were experts.

anonymous owners

Even their website at dhf.tk didn’t have any information about who owned or ran this system.

DHF Decentralized Hedge fund Investors Withdrawals Locked:

When DHF investors and affiliates logged into their back office on November 1st, they were greeted with a notice.

dhf decentralized hedge fund investor losses

The notice claimed that the Exchange that their AI deals with has closed with 89% of investor funds ‘locked in’ and they have to rebuild.

DHF Decentralized Hedge Fund Locks Withdrawals For 18 Months:

The anonymous people behind DHF claim that they now have to rebuild by using a new exchange and must lock away investors invested funds for a period of 12 to 18 months.

DHF Decentralized Hedge Fund Investor Losses:

Most investors are not happy reporting 90% losses:

DHF Decentralized Hedge Fund Experts and Real Ownership?

Most likely these anonymous people behind DHF aren’t really experts at all.

Many people believe that these types of Passive MLM Crypto and Forex Systems are owned secretly by Russian Mobsters but nowadays anyone can start one quick and easy.

I think half of these systems are owned by mom and pops who have dabbled in Network Marketing.

mom and pop shop

They know most people are so money hungry that most people love the idea of back office money balances (for doing nothing) that the majority will sign up and invest no questions asked.


I never recommended DHF Decentralized Hedge Fund.


Because of the blatant red flags:

1- Anonymous ownership

2- No proof of any trading or AI

3- Not registered legally anywhere

4- Most of the people pushing DHF are pushing other scams

5- Unsustainable ROI:

If these anonymous mom and pop who secretly own this company and system could come up with a way to make 10% monthly for themselves, why would they need some random stranger online such as your self if you invested?

Why would they need Network Marketing?

DHF Jig Is UP!

Network Marketing recruitment just dried up but instead of telling you the truth, their secret admins came up with some exchange cock and bull story.

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