Review – Legit 7000% ROI or Scam? does seem very enticing but will they pay you up to 3.5% daily in Crypto or is this just another HYIP Scam that is designed to rip you off?

Let’s find out…

Type of System: HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) The Company:

There is no information about who owns or runs this company.

The claim that they have been around since 2015 and based on my research, this isn’t entirely accurate.

The domain did exist back in 2015 but the company wasn’t incorporated until April 27, 2021 based off of this UK Incorporation Certificate: uk incorporation certificate

DollarBill UK Incorporation Certificate Is Meaningless:

On top of that, a UK Incorporation is not a replacement for real genuine Securities Registration.

UK Incorporation certificates are dirt cheap and unregulated.

Most scammers online use them because most people online can be easily fooled and are uneducated as to how investing and regulation work.

What DollarBill needs to have is registration with the UK’s FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) which gives businesses and entities permission to offer passive income opportunities to the public.

Unfortunately is not registered with the FCA.

Now just because something has been around for years, does not necessarily mean that they are legit. Read on for a full Review.

The domain ( was first created back in September 25, 2015.

However, I can not find out if the current owner is the original owner back in 2015.

Since the UK Incorporation wasn’t created until 2021, most likely the current anonymous owner purchased this domain in 2021.

This is what their website looked like back in 2015.

The website was last updated on January 28, 2021 to the latest version at the time of writing this review.

This is what they look like today: new ownership

The lady in the above image gives me the feeling that who ever owns this platform could be ‘African’ owners or with ties to Africa. Director:

Companies House (UK Incorporation Services) lists an Asher Moshe as the director who was appointed on April 27, 2021 (the same day they incorporated).

The name Asher Moshe is Jewish, but unfortunately there is no digital footprint of this director outside of the UK Incorporation certificate.

The name in itself give me the feeling that it’s someone’s real name.

Usually scammers will just come up with a fake made up Anglo Saxon type of names.

Jewish dude and African Princess in the background on the home page?

Makes you wanna go hmmm.

All domain registration details about the registrant are unfortunately private.

Who ever is behind this site and platform are doing their best to hide and remain anonymous.

Traffic To

At the time of review, most of the traffic going to this old website domain is from:

  • 🇨🇭 Switzerland16.7%
  • 🇻🇪 Venezuela13.9%
  • 🇷🇺 Russia10.8%

Traffic to their website has been climbing steadily for the last 90 days which is giving me the impression that there must be a lot of affiliates promoting it: traffic

DollarBill.Biz Investment Plans:

They have a whole bunch of investment plans that start at 0.5% daily right up to a whopping 7000%.

One thing they all have in common is the idea of ‘unsustainable’ returns.

O.5% is unsustainable for most reputable investment companies to be offering the public. 7000 percent roi

But 7000%?

That’s crazy! Affiliate Program / MLM Compensation Plan:

Affiliates can join for free and earn using a uni level MLM Compensation plan that pays up to 15% and to a depth of 5 tiers or levels deep.

Cost to Join

Joining is free. But if you join for free, you can only earn ‘referral’ commissions.

Passive investors are looking at a minimum cost of $30 to test the waters.


Does a scam exist?

Well let’s look at the facts:

1- Owners are anonymous

2- They are not legal or registered anywhere with any Security Regulator in the world

3- The passive returns are not sustainable

4- The Trustpilot reviews are not too good…

5- There is zero proof of any outside revenue being created to pay investors other than network marketing recruitment.

This is what they claim:

DollarBill Financial LTD has developed for commodity, stock, cryptocurrency and financial exchange trading in the world markets.

We use innovations and the most advanced ideas in the field of hardware energy-efficient mining. DollarBill Financial LTD, an international investment company, also has its own mining facilities located in different parts of the world.

Unfortunately these are just claims.

DollarBill anonymous admins are not showing one shred of evidence that any of this exists.


If ole Asher Moshe (the real or fake director) and his cohorts could actually come up with a way to make 7000% ROI, why would they need you (some random stranger online)?

Why would they need a network marketing comp plan?

If they could actually make 7000%, all they would need to do is march into any bank, take out a huge investors loan and silently sit back and make Trillions of dollars for themselves.

I predict that most people will get ripped off.

These types of systems work like this:

1- Anonymous people get network marketers to bring investors in.

2- If they are smart, they will pay you the little returns on the small packages to get you to deposit the bigger amounts.

3- Then they will charge you an extra fee (to scam you some more) and promise that you will be able to withdraw.

And once you deposit the larger amounts, that is when most people get into trouble.

Eventually once network marketing recruitment dies off, the platform will collapse and the majority of people will lose way more than they ever gain.

At this point the anonymous people will run off with the Lion’s share of the invested funds.

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