E1ULife Review – Legit Affiliate Marketing Training Platform or Scam?


In this E1ULife Review, find out more information about this company, the owners, their product line and the over all legitimacy of this platform.


Type of System: Online Education

E1ULife The Company:

This is the second version of Easy1Up.

Peter Wolfing – E1ULife Founder and CEO

E1ULife Founder: This company was created by Peter Wolfing back in 2016. Back in the 1980’s, Peter was a Sergeant in The US Marine Corps. He had an infatuation with Network Marketing and started learning about the industry back in his Marine Corp days.

Peter resides in New York, New York.

Peter Wolfing E1ULife Founder CEO
Peter Wolfing – The Marine / CEO

He founded his first company called Multiplex Systems in 1998 and has been supplying the Network Marketing industry with education and training for the last 24.

E1ULife Main Coach and Trainer: Dwayne M Golden

Dwayne M Golden – E1ULife Trainer

Due to some health issues (heart issues), Peter has hired a long time friend and fellow Entrepreneur Dwayne M Golden to help run the company, host and even train affiliates.

Dwayne has been an International Business Coach and Trainer for the past 15 years.

He is used to speaking on stage in front of Entrepreneurs and specializes in online training and Mindset techniques that help people ‘transition’ from an employee way of thinking to an that of an Entrepreneur.

Why did Peter really hire Dwayne?

This is my speculation but due to Peter’s health issues (him having to focus on surgeries and healing), he hires a guy who he knows and trusts (a long time friend) to give the new E1ULife Community the energy it needs…

Dwayne M Golden’s job is to be the face of the company along with staying ‘in front’ of the company in the form of training and compliance.


Peter Wolfing is trying to move away from the idea of E1ULife being a more ‘transparent’ and compliant company the is geared more around online education than the idea of get rich quick.

In the past the old easy1up system was marketed by some bad apples that lead with get rich quick passively that resulted in some ‘negative’ promotion and attention.

In a nutshell…

Peter knew a change was needed and he finally implemented it.

Dwayne is it.

Dwayne M Golden – E1ULife Head Coach

Compliance: E1ULife will be a lot more stricter now with the new company name and branding compared to what went on in the past with Easy1up.

Affiliates who don’t comply, can risk losing their affiliate status.

E1ULife Product Line:

They have 6 Main Core Products.

Online Training and Education:

**All products packages have been given ‘extra’ new products along with the original product line and they will be ‘rejuvenating’ the whole product package with newer training over time.

All of these courses focus on online training for affiliate marketing and are delivered online with videos.

**See my you tube video below for more in-depth information on the product line.

***All products are one time purchases.

1- Elevation $30 (includes a $5 admin fee)

2- Elevation Elite $110 (includes a $10 admin fee)

3- Vertex $275 (includes a $25 admin fee)

4- Vertex Elite $550 (includes a $50 admin fee)

5- Vertex Pro $1100 (includes a $100 admin fee)

6- Vertex Live $2500 (includes a $500 admin fee)

*Products can be bought individually or purchased in a set.

For every product purchase, you will get all products included for that price level.

E1ULife Tools:


Affiliates Will get their own ‘pre-built’ Sales Funnels:

  • Lead Capture Pages
  • follow email autoresponder
  • contact manager

E1ULife Compensation Plan:

Affiliates sign and can resell the online training products for licensing (admin) fee.

Affiliates earn roughly 90% but can pay for a $25 monthly subscription fee and earn 100% on all product sales (watch review video below for more detailed info)

Reverse 1 up Uni Level Comp Plan

Tier 1 Commissions:

  • Affiliates have to pass up every 2nd sale to their sponsor.
  • Earn every 1st and 3rd sale onwards.

No pass ups will be required from each lower level purchases if the affiliate purchases the higher level Vertex Live package, however, you will still have to pass up your 2nd Vertex Live to your sponsor.

Example: if someone purchases the Vertex Live, he or she will be completely comped at that level and won’t have to pass up any of the lower level commissions.

Say you purchased the Vertex Live for $2500 all lower level product packages, you will not have to pass up your second sale only your second Vertex Live sale.

Tier 2 Commissions (residual):

  • Everyone of your downline members have to pass up their 2nd sale to you
  • All of their 2nd sale people will have to pass up their 2nd sales to you

Cost To Join E1ULife:

$25 to $2500

$25 monthly subscription (admin / reseller) to be able to earn 100% commissions.

For those who don’t want to pay the 25 fee, you will only earn 90% commissions.


Does an E1ULife Scam exist?

Let’s look at the facts:

1- Company owner is real guy who came from the Marines and who has been supplying the Network Marketing industry for 24 years.

2- Trainer has 15 years of experience in training affiliates online

3- Training products can teach people how to do affiliate marketing

4- Company has ongoing training and presence

5- All affiliates who work the system (traffic ETC) will get paid a commission for every product sale that takes place via their affiliate link.

Company owner and Head Coach are not ‘promising’ income to people f or doing nothing.

No affiliate will get paid unless they do the marketing work and actually people buy ‘through’ their affiliate link.

*Not every one will make money with E1ULife (only affiliates who put in the long term work and stay the course).

No scam exists here with E1ULife.

This system is designed for Serious Entrepreneurs who understand that their results in any opportunity come down to each individual.

*You will only be as good as your are willing to become!

This concludes my E1ULife Review.

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