EazyBot Review – 28% Monthly Crypto ROI or Big Scam?

easybot review

In this EazyBot Review, find out how much risk is involved along with the overall legitimacy of this crypto robot trading system.

With so many scams and push button passive income systems on the internet, be sure to read this full review to find out the truth regarding this platform.

EazyBot The Company:

This system reminds me of Galileo robot trader.

There is no information about who runs or owns this company and system on their website eazybot.com.

The website and domain was first registered privately on August 7, 2019 and then updated on December 8, 2021.

Even though the domain was first created back in 2019, most of eazybot’s traffic didn’t start pouring in until this year of 2022.

EazyBot CEO:

Further research reveals that the CEO is a guy named Mohamed Omer Ali (claims he is owner of eazybot on LinkedIn):

easybot ceo mohamed omer ali

According to his LinkedIn Profile, he is claiming to be out of Dubai. However, it is rumored that he may be running out of the Florida.

Before becoming a CEO Crypto Boss, Ali claims he came from a blue collar background fixing elevators and escalators.

**Ali may have partners residing in Toronto, Canada.

EazyBot Potential ROI:

I see some affiliates are claiming that you can earn from 28 to 32% monthly:

easybot robot trader profits

According to EazyBot…

Tired of Learning?

EazyBot comes with pre-set trading strategies that have been tested by professional traders.

They are not listing these ‘expert’ traders anywhere.

Afraid of losing all your money?
The pre-set trading strategies have been proven to generate consistent results whether the market is going up or down.

No one can ‘promise’ consistent income, crypto and trading are very volatile.

No time for trading?
Don’t quit your job, just yet. Let EazyBot do the trading for you. Just sit back and relax while the bots do the work!

There is no proof that the robot trading software can actually win like they say all the time.

EazyBot seems to be targeting people who don’t have much time and don’t want to learn income producing strategies themselves.

How Does EazyBot Work?

Passive Crypto Enthusiasts (Investors) pay monthly subscription fees and then fund their accounts and hand over control of their trading to a robot trader.

Users have different choices of coins that they can trade with:

Monero, stellar, polygon, tron, polkadot, litecoin, dogecoin, btc, catch, eth, chainlink, ripple and cardano.

EazyBot Top Countries:

easybot top countries traffic

EazyBot Trading Membership Plans:

1- Free: Allowed the use of 2 coins using one exchange

2- Novice: $250 / Year – Trade up to 10 coins – 2 exchanges

3- Pro VIP: $995 / Year – No limit in coins choices and up to 5 exchanges

EazyBot Ongoing Trading Fees:

  • Free Traders pay 30%
  • Novice and VIP pay 20%

EazyBot MLM / Affiliate Compensation Plan:

Tier 1- 40%

Tier 2- 10%

Affiliate Ranks:

There are a slew of affiliate ranks. As affiliates and distributors rise higher, they can unlock more rewards in the compensation plan.


Does an EazyBot Scam Exist?

Let’s look at the facts:

1- CEO / owner doesn’t seem to have a background in crypto. He was a guy who fixed elevators for a living.

2- EazyBot is not registered in any region or country to offer a passive income opportunity legally to the public.

3- No Proof of Performance (only claims):

crypto robot trader

There are a lot of hype surrounding EazyBot, however there is no proof that their robot traders can actually do what they claim it can…win all the time.

4- Unsustainable ROI: No one can promise that they can help you win most or all of the time.

5- MLM Comp Plan:

There is huge emphasis on network marketing recruitment.

At the end of the day, if Mohamed Ali and his gang could actually come up with a robot trader that can make 32% returns monthly, why would they need a random stranger like you?

And more importantly…

Why would they need an MLM Comp plan?

Eventually once network marketing recruitment dries up, this scheme will collapse and passive investors will start seeing their robots traders creating havoc or leaving them with useless worthless tokens.

Users have control over their personal accounts but they are handing over full control of their trades to EazyBot admins.

In the end, the majority of passive investors will end up losing more than they gain.

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