EmpiresX Collapses, Exit Scams and Sells Affiliate Private Info?


Thousands of EmpiresX Investors have lost Millions collectively but now the company has sold all of their affiliate private information to other scammers.

I reviewed EmpiresX back in June of 2021.

And just like the network marketer promoters of Hyperverse and CFX arguing tooth and nail telling me it wasn’t a ponzi…

empiresx affiliate scammer

This affiliate is from Sierra Leone (a war torn country) she is hoping to flee by promoting ponzis and arguing about them, trying to justify them.

But no matter how much you try to justify something that is fake, it won’t last.

First Red Flag – Identity Theft:

The first red flag was this young fellow (Joshua Nicolas) who was pretending he worked at Goldman Sachs and he was Joshua Nicholas Gregg (identity theft) all while he was banned from trading entirely by the National Futures Association for 8 years.

joshua trader nicholas scam promoter

I still can not believe the gall of this young fellow.

Even while he was exposed by Reviewers, he argued tooth and nail about him getting kicked out of the NFA being an unimportant casualty that doesn’t affect the ability of EmpiresX expert traders to make passive ROI for their investors.

And his vicious network marketing followers fought tooth and nail in his defense too…

And it gets worse…

His Dad Works For Sheriffs Office:

It turns out that Joshua Nicholas (above) who was at the helm of the Empiresx ponzi scheme as fake master trader who was used to rob gullible people blind, his daddy works for The Palm Beach County Sheriffs Department!

sheriff palm beach county


His dad is in law enforcement and dear ole Josh is promoting and scamming people into a blatant investment scam?

Then after all that…

The Empiresx platform collapses due to Network Marketing Recruitment drying up (not enough new investors to pay the older ones).

And it still gets worse…

Ponzi Bosses Threaten Affiliates and Disgruntled Investors:

Ponzi Scheme bosses (Emerson Pires and Flavio Goncalves) along with little nicky, threatens affiliates with defaming the company name…

empiresx ponzi admins threaten affiliates

And some of their affiliates actually believe that the ghostly trio above will sue them.

But the thing is, scammers like these 3 will never ever want to go to court and end up in front of a judge.

That is the last place they ever want to be!

And it still gets worse…

Affiliates / Investors Private Data Sell Off:

Here is a notice that they sent out with more threats to their loyal affiliates and investors…

To maintain high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, EmpiresX is making changes to the back office, closing the website, and redirecting your login information to a third party.

This will protect your information, and increase transparency as EmpiresX maintains its commitment to transparency.

Who is this third party EmpiresX admins are referring to?

This is why I always advise people to stay away from scammers and ponzi schemes promising unsustainable passive returns.

Because in the end, the majority of investors have to lose the majority of their invested funds just so a few people at the top can gain a little money that won’t last.

What are some of the Empiresx affiliates doing now?

Look at this dude…

He admits it was a scam, apologizes for wasting his downline’s hard earned money and then invites them into another ponzi scheme:

desperate empiresx network marketer

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