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flex trade ai review

In this Flex Trade Review, find out if you can truly make 3% per day on Autopilot with this AI Bot or if it’s just a ponzi scheme to scam you.

Flex Trade AI The Company:

The website (flexitradeai.com) was privately registered on:

Created on 2023-09-16
Expires on 2024-09-16
Updated on 0001-01-01

They are using namecheap domains.

The good news is they seem to people on their website heading up the company.

flex trade ai fake team

The bad news is they all are fake made up identities that do not exist.

There is absolutely no verifiable information (digital footprint) in regards to this executive team.

These guys do not exist outside of Flex Trade AI.

According to them…

Flexi Trade AI is one of the leading assets and portfolio management firm. In contrast to a single-source investment model, we diversify our investments into multiple sources of income. Our expert traders and trusted Bots have proven strategies of 100% risk-free trades.

Your success is important to us. So, we’re on hand to help you achieve your profit goals, right from the moment you join. We diversify investment in multiple projects.

Sadly there is no proof that any of this is real.

Flex Trade AI Investment Plan:

Investors invest from $25 worth of USDT and up for a daily promised ROI.

Fake APP (money on a screen)?

These types of deals usually entice people with fake numbers on a screen:

fake trading scam app

Flex Trade Affiliate Program (MLM Compensation Plan):

They boast that affiliates brave enough to lure others into this scheme can be rewarded up to 65% ROI Daily but don’t elaborate exactly how to do this.


There are a lot of red flags all over this deal:

1- Anonymous Experts

2- No proof of AI Trader

3- No revenue outside Network Marketing

4- Unsustainable ROI

5- Not registered legally anywhere


If these anonymous experts could actually come up with a way to make 3% daily, why would they need an MLM Comp Plan?

Once Network Marketing Recruitment dries up, this scheme will collapse and most of the passive investors will end up losing way more than they ever gain.

This concludes my Flex Trade AI Review.

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