FUNDSZ Review – Legit 3% Weekly ROI or Big Scam?

fundsz review

Read this FUNDSZ Review before handing over any of your hard earned money, find out more about the ‘overall’ legitimacy of this passive income platform.

Is Fundsz a legit Crypto Currency Staking platform or just another investment scam?

Let’s find out…

What is Fundsz?

In a nutshell, fundsz is a company that promises crypto currency enthusiasts a passive income opportunity through staking.

It kind of reminds me of another system promising passive gains called Uniqo.

Fundsz The Company:

The website was first registered ‘privately’ using namescheap on May 23, 2020 and updated on May 03, 2022.

There is no information about who owns or runs this company, platform and system on their website.

According to some claims made by Fundsz affiliates, they have been around for 6 years.

However, do to more due diligence and research, what they are referring to is another system called ‘Maxous’ which is an E-Commerce and hosting platform.

I have absolutely no idea how an E-Commerce and Hosting platform has anything to do with Crypto Staking.

However, after you create a free account, you can learn more about the owner and his executive team by reading a ‘Presentation’ PDF.

According to the PDF, here are the people behind Fundsz:

fundsz advisory board

It appears that JP Valcarce is the main guy behind Fundsz even though he is only claiming to be the Chairman and marketing director.

fundsz juan pablo valcarce

Juan Pablo Valcarce is a Floridian Resident with an education background in Texas and also is the VP of Sales for Encompass Health.

Valcarce has 20 years experience in sales for corporate USA.

Top Countries for Fundsz:

fundsz top countries

Fundsz seems to be run and operated by Americans however they are not registered in the US or anywhere else in the world to offer the pubic a passive income opportunity legally.

Fundsz Compensation Plan / Investment Packages:

Based on marketing material above, they are promising hopeful investors 3% weekly and 12% monthly passive returns in a done4you passive income deal.

Cost to Join?

Affiliates pay between $10 to $30 per month.

Passive Investors must make an investment in crypto to earn passively.


Does a Fundsz Scam Exist?

Let’s look at the facts:

1- Main guy (Juan Pablo Valcarce) has no verifyable experience in a Crypto Background. He comes from a background of sales.

2- Fundsz claims to have been around for 6 years paying passive returns but..

fundsz return on investment promise

How could they have paid out passive gains on from another deal called Maxous that is a E-commerce and hosting company?

As per their domain creation date, fundsz has only been around for 2 years.

3- Most of the traffic to only started in the first quarter of 2022 when network marketing recruitment most likely started.

4- No proof of any ‘staking of crypto’ or outside revenue from ‘network marketing recruitment’ to pay passive investors.

5- Unsustainable ROI:

12% monthly gains is not sustainable.

Most passive crypto enthusiasts want more than that but it’s not sustainable and will not last for the long term.

If JP Valcarce and the rest of the gang behind Fundsz could actually come up with a way to make themselves 12% monthly, why would the need you some random stranger online?

Why would they need a network marketing comp plan?

Verdict: once network marketing recruitment dries up (or they get shut down by authorities), most of the passive income investors will end up losing way more than they ever gain.

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