FVP Trade Collapses, Freezes Withdrawals and Exit Scams!


According to an update released by FVP Trade on July 18, 2022, FVP Trade are blaming Securities Regulators like the FCA in the UK along with Central Banks for their shut down.


I checked the FCA (UK Securities Regulator) and there has been no notice warning the public about FVP Trade.

What is really happening?

Well first of all, FVP Trade was a Ponzi Scheme that was launched back in 2020 and preyed of people who want to earn from Investing.

They rented an office, hired actors from the UK and even went as far as putting all the fake bells and whistles like TV Screens with bars and graphs showing stuff that no one understood.


The problem with this is it was all FAKE!

And to make things even worse, some of their scammers create fake ‘positive’ reviews on Trustpilot to tell people what they want to hear…


There was no trading happening and they fed off of people who ‘invested’ into the platform (new investment to pay older investors).

Then finally the money ran out!

Instead of admitting the truth that their cap on scamming gullible people was hit, they pretend that they have been attacked by the Authorities.

At the time of me writing this report, their website is still up and running and people are still able to make deposits.

But sadly no one can get their money out.

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Author: Rory Singh

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  1. Hi would love it if you could do a review on Triumpfx, another platform that have been around more than 10 years that do similar things like FVP Trade

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