FX Master Gold Collapses, Starts Exit Scam – Rug Pull?

Fx-Master-Gold Rug Pull Collapse

FX Master Gold Affiliates and Investors have woken up to blown accounts.

Many of their passive investors believe they have rug pulled while other are trying to remain ‘positive’ and hopeful.

Why did this happen?

FX Master Gold Ownership:

They are anonymously owned.

FX Master Gold Unsustainable ROI:

They were promising 15% Weekly.

Not Registered With Securities Regulators:

If they really were trading, they would have registered with the appropriate regulators worldwide.

In the US they should have been registered with the SEC to prove that revenue comes from trading and not from Network Marketing ‘recruitment’.

FX Master Gold Top Promoters:

These guys go by you tube handles and are promoting Novatech FX and many other scams.

Passive Income Online is a Myth:

The only people who make money online from these scams are the people ‘actively’ creating ‘targeted’ traffic to their affiliate links.

Big ROI Projects Reserved For Elites:


Sadly the hot investments are reserved for Super Wealthy and not open to the public.

High Return Projects and Online Investments:

The only people offering big returns and ROI to the public are Ponzi Scheme owners that usually own and run systems anonymously.

Why Do Ponzi Schemes Collapse?

They are solely dependent on Network Marketing Recruitment and have no real trading or mining (if being offered) ETC.


There are only a finite number of people who will actually hand over their hard earned money to scams and eventually once this number is hit, the scheme collapses.

It’s a mathematical certainty.

FX Master Gold will be replaced by some other scam being pushed by scam affiliates online.

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