GetGXL Collapses, GXL Recovery Scam Targets Victims

getgxl scam

A horrible ponzi scheme called GetGXL has collapses (just like another scam) and a recovery scam is targeting the victims in hopes of re-scamming them again.

GetGXL Quick History:

Their main domain ( was privately registered on May 25, 2022 and set to expire in 2024.

They claimed:

The United States GETGXL GLOBAL E-COMMERCE LIMITED (abbreviation: Get, stock code: 50000000) was established in 2020. The company’s business model is an e-commerce model that does not require purchasing or storing goods. Known as “non-sourced e-commerce”.

Jamaica, Puerto rico, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe and New Zealand.

GetGXL Investment Plans:

Investment was made in USDT by investor / victims for a promised daily ROI:

From $75 to $8500

Promise of $3 / day to $340 / day.

Why did GetGXL Collapse?

Since there was no proof of revenue ‘outside’ of MLM recruitment, traffic has dried up:

getgxl collapsed traffic stats

Top Countries to GetGXL:

top countries to getgxl

Recovery Scam (on Facebook) Targeting Investors / Victims of GetGXL:

getgxl recovery scam

This recovery scam has a page on Facebook and is asking for $100 in USDT or BTC and promising they can recover at least 80% of lost funds.

Don’t get scammed again, no one can recover your lost investment after you have already handed it over to scammers.

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