GSPartners, GSPro Blocks ALL Canadian Investors Accounts

gspro gspartners

GSPartners / GSPro Now Blocks and Terminates ALL Canadian Investors Accounts. This follows the blocking of all US Accounts back in December.

Why is this happening?

Let’s find out…

Not too long ago in the past, when ever US Investors visited the GSPro website, they were greeted with a warning that US Residents were not allowed access to the company and their fake / fraudulent investment certificates.

Now since GSPartners / GSPro has Terminated ALL Canadian Investor accounts, Canadians are greeted with this new message…

GSPRo GsPartners Terminates ALL Canadian Investor Accounts

The Companies have ceased doing business in the United States and Canada.

We are not offering any services to, engaging in any transactions with, or accepting any funds from U.S. or Canadian customers.

No new U.S. or Canadian customers will be permitted to register.

Why Is This Happening to Canadians?

Usually when Ponzi Schemes like GSPartners / GSPro starts running low on Network Marketing ‘Recruitment’ funds, they tend to block or slow down investors from withdrawing.

And since the bulk of invested funds came from the US and Canada, this doesn’t look good for international investors since most of their seed money has dried up.

All of these problems started happening after US and Canadian Authorities (Securities Regulators and DOJ) started a legal joint take down targeting the investment scam.

New Zealand has even jumped on the bandwagon by issuing a fraud warning on February 7th, 2024.

joseph heit romanian mafia

GSPartners purportedly has ties to money laundering, human trafficking and other criminal activity linked to the Mafia.

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