GSPartners Gets New Zealand Fraud Warning From FMA

gspro gspartners

GSPartners gets hit with an Investors Alert and Fraud Warning from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority.

Even though GSPartners goes by many different names (trying to escape Securities Regulators Scrutiny), they keep getting hit with fraud warnings all over the globe.

According to FMA

We recommend caution when dealing with GS Partners/GSPartners which appears to promote its services or products in New Zealand through various websites and business names. It is subject to numerous warnings and regulatory actions issued by international regulators for: operating a multi-level-marketing scheme;
providing financial services or products while unauthorised in the respective jurisdictions; offering unrealistic returns to its investors; and
making false and misleading statements and presentations.

Basically in a nutshell…

Even though GSPartners / GSPro has received ‘multiple’ fraud warnings and even many ‘Cease and Desist Orders’ from US Regulators, this illegal scheme is still being mass promoted by Network Marketers worldwide:

Top Countries:

gspartners gspro top countries

Many people have reported getting scammed by this organization.

Here is a comment that I got from one of my youtube videos:

gspartners investor victims

In the comment above, a gentleman claims his dad lost his savings and was a victim of this scam.

Sadly many people get lured into schemes like this believing they are real.

As more fraud warnings and cease and desist orders surface, network marketing recruitment will end up dwindling leaving the majority of passive investors in deep losses.

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