GSPro (GSPartners) Closes ALL US Investor Accounts

gspro gspartners

Instead of Registering with US Securities Regulators, GSPro / GSPartners and Josep Heit bann all US Investor accounts and freeze their deposits.

gspartners us and canada fraud warnings

Before this happened, they had a strict KYC deadline that focused mainly certain US States that have issued cease and desist orders against GSPartners / Swiss Valorem bank.

gspartners kingpin

Josep Heit didn’t say a word about his plans to bann all US Investor Accounts.

GSPro Website Notice To ALL Visitors: platform platform is not accessible to its registered members anymore!

GSPartners, along with related entities and individuals (collectively, “The Companies”), have been served with cease-and-desist orders and other legal process by the U.S. states of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. The Companies are committed to our clients and are reviewing the filings. At this time, however, The Companies are not doing business in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. Nor are we offering any services to, engaging in any transactions with, or accepting any Funds from residents of those U.S. states.

In order to make sure all KYCed customers or members registered with Platform are able to access their deposits or products held within GSPartners.Global platfrom are pleased to go to “platform” with their original credentials in able to allocate their deposits, products, withdrawals. In case you are not able to allocate or access your profile with original credentials, please direct any questions or request refunds which will be provided upon request.

Will GSPro / GSPartners US Based Investors ever get a refund?

I highly doubt it.

Most of the deposited money is ‘already’ spent (paying the promoters / comp plan and the scam bosses taking their cut).

Any leftover investor deposits will be kept by GSPartners / GSPro admins.

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