Hyperfund Investors Fraud Warning – Bermuda Police


This investors fraud warning and alert will make it the 6th against the Hyperfund Ponzi Scheme. Read this update before investing into Hyperfund to understand what you may be up against.

I reviewed Hyperfund back in July and the only revenue that can be seen going into the investment platform is from Network Marketing Recruitment.

In my review, I noticed that they did have a ‘due diligence’ report.

But the bad news was that it was somewhat sketchy.

To date, this makes it number 6 fraud warning after:

1- UK

2- India

3- New Zealand

4- Guernsey

5- Germany

As per an article that I found by Bermuda News

Police Warn Of ‘Fraudulent Schemes’ Circulating

Noting that “several persons have fallen victim to the scheme, with one Bermudian ‘investing’ upwards of BDA $10,000,” the police are “alerting the public to two fraudulent schemes currently circulating within the community.”

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service is alerting the public to two fraudulent schemes currently circulating within the community.

“The first is dubbed, the “Hyperfund Scam”. A company which appears legitimate, invites you to invest with them, whilst offering large returns on your investment. Hyperfund operates on a multi-level marketing model, similar to that of a Ponzi scheme. Several persons have fallen victim to the scheme, with one Bermudian ‘investing’ upwards of BDA $10,000.

“In the second scam, persons are being contacted by individuals purporting to be from the online shopping platform Amazon. The fraudster then informs the intended victim they have a monetary claim on hold and requests certain personal details to confirm their order. This is an attempt from the fraudster to obtain the personal banking details of unsuspecting victims.

Bermuda Police have also released a warning on their official Facebook page

Unusually high returns on investment.
• Unclear as to how the companies are making high returns.
• Companies that are not registered with the local regulatory authorities.
• Investment schemes that ask you to recruit new members.
• Unknown persons contacting you and asking for your personal/banking information.
Detective Chief Inspector Sherwin Joseph, who heads up the Specialists Investigations Department, offered the following advice:
• “You should perform independent research of the company to confirm their legitimacy and identify if any adverse news exists about them.
• Try to understand how the company is making such high profits.
• Be wary of companies that ask you to recruit other members.
• Be suspicious. If it sounds too good to be true, it more often than not, usually is.
• Do not provide your personal information online, unless able to properly identify those requesting that information.”

Hyperfund admins have publicized the fact that they will be operating in Dubai.

This is not good news for investors.

Dubai is a scam friendly region where MLM Ponzi Scams are allowed to run rampant.

But unfortunately once Hyperfund exit scams due to recruitment drying up (after new investors see more fraud warnings), you can not go after them since there is no ‘extradition treaty’ for the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

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