HyperOne Review – Sam Lee’s New Hyperverse Spin Off?


In depth Review of HyperOne with details about Ryan Xu, Sam Lee and the rest of the Hyperverse gang.

Are the two platforms really not affiliated with each other?

Who truly owns HyperOne?

Let’s find out…

Word on the street is Sam Lee is the main guy behind The HyperOne Platform.

There are rumors that Ryan Xu (past partner) isn’t involved.


Have the duo separated or is this just another load of bunk?

These guys are well known for starting ponzi schemes and milking their investors dry.

They have had so far: MediaChain, HyperCapital, Hyperfund and then Hyperverse.

ALL of the above programs promised investors passive ROI but ended in Collapse because they each platform ran out of ‘recruitment’ revenue.

They have even claimed that Hyperpay and Hyperverse was not associated.

Top Hyperverse Promoter Kalpesh Patel claims that HyperOne is not related.

Many of the other top promoters of Hyperverse and HyperOne mostly claim the same thing.

Comments from one of my You Tube Videos saying no one is getting paid…

Here’s another comment from one of my other viewers saying the same thing…


COTP (the other scheme that some Hyperverse affiliates promoted) ended up in Collapse too!

What I know for sure right now (based on all the promotion being published all over the Internet…

Sam Lee is the official face of HyperOne.

HyperOne Review Conclusion:

I personally think that BOTH Sam Lee and Ryan Xu are behind this New HyperOne Platform.

If you look at their past history, the duo have a record of lying to distributors, affiliates and investors.

They created 4 platforms (all of which have collapsed so far).

Hyperverse investors haven’t been paid properly since December 2021.

Some people have told me that they have Hyperverse 2.0 and are asking all investors (who still haven’t gotten paid) to invest even more to rebuy.

Top UK / Dubai Hyperverse Promoter claims HyperOne is NOT Related!

Here’s my verdict:

It all sounds like BS.

The two platforms are linked and Lee and Xu along with their top recruiters are laughing their arses off right now.

I think a good portion of the people who got ripped off in Hyperverse will end up buying into HyperOne (and then losing again after network marketing recruitment dries up).

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