Hyperverse Hyperfund Investors Fraud Warning Nepal – Jan 23 2022

hyperverse fraud warning nepal

Hyperfund changed their name to Hyperverse in an attempt to dupe Security Regulators worldwide. But their horrible plan is not working.

The latest investors fraud warning alert for Hyperverse comes from the Nepal Rastra Bank (Security Regulator for Nepal) warning people not to get involved with the Hyperfund pyramid network marketing scheme.

Hyperverse / Hyperfund admins are hiding in Dubai in an attempt of escaping creditors they owe money to in Australia for $49 Million.


Network Marketers who promote the Hyperverse / Hyperfund ponzi scheme are lying and telling their victims that these two ponzi bosses above (Ryan Xu and Sam Lee) are supposed Billionaires.

But as it turns out, the duo may be Millionaires at the most (be scamming gullible people online).

This is their 5th name change of the same scheme.

The people who promote these type of crypto passive mlm systems are some of the most desperate people on the planet.

Many of them failed at promoting their network marketing lotions, potions and pills to family and friends for years and now hope to cash in with the Hyperverse scam.

But it hasn’t been working to fool Security Regulators because on Jan 23, 2022 Hyperverse / Hyperfund got another Investors Fraud Warning from Nepal.

Ronae Jull is her real name

They are lead by their fearless leader ‘Hope Hill’, the chief compliance officer who has been training them to replace the words “Investing and ROI” with Rewards and Club.

Most of the desperate low level marketing seems to be coming from India as many East Indians scammers were over running Trust Pilot with fake positive reviews in an attempt to lure more victims into the scheme with ‘new investment’ to try and keep it going.

And it seems to be working for the time being as there is a new Victim / Country to pick on for new investment…

hyperverse saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia seems to be the ‘new kid on the block’.

MLM Crypto Ponzi Schemes need new blood to keep the scheme alive, Saudi Arabia victims are now getting lured into the scam be droves to hopefully get enough donations to pay the owners and some of the top MLM Promoters for a little while longer.

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