Hyperverse Launches GNX Punishment Coins To Delay It’s Collapse


Hyperverse, according to a new press release on January 21, 2022, has partnered with Genaro Network.

To make a really long story short, Hyperverse, Hyperfund a ponzi scheme that has been ripping people off for over 5 years using different names, has partnered with a blockchain company called Genaro Network that nobody’s ever heard of.

According to an announcement Hyperverse Admins made to their investor base…

The development of Hyperverse requires all users to jointly participate and perform their respective duties.

Users who haven’t driven the development of the Hyperverse market still provide underlying support for the Hyperverse ecosystem.

For this reason, users who only make underlying storage contributions for Hyperverse ecology can only exchange GNX.

What this means is the passive investors who don’t bring more family and friends to get scammed, will be forced to cash out in these worthless, useless tokens.


Because owners Ryan Xu and Sam Lee know that if they don’t get more gullible people to recruit and scam, they won’t be able to get paid or pay out older investors.

The New GNX token launch and partnership with Genaro Network is just another way to stall their inevitable collapse.

Some disgruntled Networker who is hell bent on making $$$ off the backs of his family and friends will no doubt come and say something silly…


The Hyperverse GNX token story get even worse…

Hyperscam admins have begun to disable any accounts they deem as ‘Abnormal’.

Now affiliates of Hyperfund will argue that ALL investors ARE getting paid and the ones who can’t get paid are doing stupid stuff.

But in truth, the majority of ‘passive’ investors (who don’t want to do anything for money or recruit) haven’t been getting paid since last November.

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Author: Rory Singh

2 thoughts on “Hyperverse Launches GNX Punishment Coins To Delay It’s Collapse

  1. Hi Rory,

    I have a family member that felt for this scam. How can we expose them and try to take the money back? Is there a way of putting the recruiter in jail?

    1. You can try going to the Police and reporting them there. Then it’s up to the authorities to see if they can build a case on them. Make sure that you have gathered some evidence.

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