Hyperverse’s HyperPay Claims They Are NOT Affiliated With The Ponzi?

I noticed a tweet from Hyperpay’s official Twitter account just a day ago regarding the Hyperverse…

I found this very odd because Hyperverse Affiliates have been have been promoting the Hyperpay payment processor all over the Internet…

So why would Hyperpay claim they are not associated with Hyperverse in any way?

To answer this question you would first have to understand who own Hyperpay.

Hyperpay and Hyperverse is owned by the duo Ryan Xu and Sam Lee.

These two guys have not been seen since late 2021 after stories about them owing Australian Creditors $21M.

But instead of paying their outstanding bills, they fled and some sources have reported they are in hiding in Scam Friendly Dubai.


My perspective is that Hyperpay is an independent shell company and payment processor.

They deal with multiple companies not just Hyperverse / Hyperfund.

And even though Ryan and Sam own both companies, they don’t want to get in trouble with Visa…

I recall a little while back most of the Hyperverse / Hyperfund affiliates were touting legalities arguing tooth and nail that Hyperverse is not a ponzi scheme because they are partnered with Visa.

I’m thinking that they are hoping that Visa never finds out that Hyperpay was using them to promote an Illegal investment opportunity.

The next image sums up the Hyperverse/ Hyperpay / Hyperfund platforms all in one paragraph…

Both Xu and Lee know very well that the Hypeverse / Hyperfund is in it’s final stages of collapse.

Most of their investors have not been paid since December 2021.
Sure you are going to see a lot of people claiming that they have never missed a withdrawal but what you need to understand is that these people are affiliates.

Ponzi schemes and scams will pay their affiliates to the bitter end.

Affiliates bring in victims to the slaughter.

So it’s in the company owners best interest to KEEP paying those guys.

At the end of the day, Hyperverse is still a ponzi scheme and they are surely running low on MLM ‘recruitment’ funds.

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