Hyperverse Review – A Billion Dollar Scam For Gullible / Desperate People

Hyperverse Review

I could literally spend hours trying to piece together a Hyperverse / Hyperfund Review with all the bells and whistles.

But in reality, there is not too much to say in regards to this system.

The following image pretty wells sums it all up in less than a minute…


Network Marketers show their monopoly money balance via a screen shot to lure more gullible victims to invest:


Before November, investors were able to withdraw before Hyperfund started collapsing.

However, investors were promised huge rewards if they didn’t withdraw (a way to keep revenue in the platform) with a ‘rebuy’ strategy.

And based on greed, 99.9% of them didn’t.

But for those of you looking for more details to do your due diligence and such, Hyperverse was first called Hyperfund.

They were created by two serial scammers Ryan Xu, and Sam Lee:


Ryan and Sam fled to Scam Friendly Area – Dubai after one of their shell companies (Blockchain Global) Exit Scammed and they couldn’t afford to pay $39 Million owed to creditors.

In their absence, they hired a paid actor to ‘pretend’ his is CEO:


This is there 5th attempt to rebrand their ponzi scheme to keep their deposits going.

The parent company is called Hypertech.


They hired a lady calling herself ‘Hope Hill’ who hides her real name Ronae Jull.


Since Hyperfund / Hyperverse wasn’t set up legally through out the world to offer the public an investment opportunity, Hope / Ronae instructed all affiliates and investors to not use the words investment and ROI but to replace them with the words “Membership Club and Rewards”.

But this didn’t fool Security Regulators and this is what happened next…

They rebranded from Hyperfund to Hyperverse because the name Hyperfund had already cumulated 6 Investor Fraud Warnings from: UK, India, New Zealand, Guernsey, Bermuda and Germany.

Fraud Warnings are bad for business since they scare away new investors.

Back in November, Hyperverse admins disabled the ability for investors to withdraw their promised ROI.

They did this in fear of the Holiday Season shopping season and investors trying to get some of their money out to do shopping could break their ponzi bank…

Think about it…

If a whole bunch of people tried to withdraw but there are only a ‘limited’ amount of new investment from new people coming in, this would trigger a collapse.

Investors are sharing their horrible experience on Trust Pilot:


Other Investors are complaining on Telegram that they still can’t withdraw:

Over the past week, a few lucky people claimed that they could withdraw but all of this changed.


  • Hyperverse disables MOF (ponzi coins)
  • Hyperverse replaces MOF with HDAO (more ponzi coins)
  • HDAO craps out
  • Hyperverse launches HDAO to HVT (Hyperverse Token / even more ponzi coins)
  • HVT Craps out in less than 24 hours
  • Hyperverse disables all withdrawals again!

Hyperverse is a ponzi scheme with no products or services.

They pretend they are some big Blockchain company.


The only revenue that goes in to this platform is from network marketing ‘recruitment’.

But desperate network marketers will tell you different stories to ‘recruit’ you…


The scheme is starting to run dry of new investors.

But they will manage to keep it running a little while longer since their are still ‘more’ gullible people to milk dry.

But in the end, Hyperverse / Hyperfund will end up collapsing and the majority of investors have already lost most of their invested funds.

The whole idea of Hyperverse / Hyperfund is to get desperate people to invest real Crypto in exchange for worthless ponzi coins.

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