Hyperverse’s Chief Compliance Officer Served 21 Months In Jail | Hope Hill


I reviewed Hyperverse back in January and did not recommend it because it had a lot of red flags.

But the majority of people who read and watched my reviews disagreed with me and claimed it was ‘Legit’ because according to them…

It was paying out!

Well just because something is paying out (for the time being) does not mean that it’s legit.

On top of all this, most of their affiliates kept telling me that I didn’t know what I was talking about and that my info was all wrong.

They went on to claim that Hyperverse was NOT an INVESTMENT but something else…

Hyperverse Affiliates love to use the words “Membership, Rewards and Club” more than anything while trying to justify their ponzi.

And they were told to do this by their Chief Compliance Officer who called herself Hope Hill.


In truth, her real name is Ronae Jull.


I am not certain why she was using the alias Hope Hill but can only speculate that it was because she was trying to stay out of the attention of the law.

Apparently back in October 1998, Jull was charged for running a 300% ROI Ponzi Scheme and suckered investors / victims out of $1.2M.

You can read the full article here.

To make a long story short…

  • Hope Hill / Ronae Jull got convicted on November 27, 2000 for 30 months and also she was ordered to pay $1,289,333.51 back to her vicitims.
  • On January 12, 2001 Jull begins her 30 month sentence.
  • October 25, 2002, she is released early on probation (total time served 21 months).
  • Ronae wages at any job was also garnished.
Ronae Jull worked in nursing homes

One of my viewers on You Tube claimed she was working in the health care / nursing home industry and left an Idaho nursing home job around late March 2021.

I don’t have any idea how she would have gotten a job in a nursing home or the health care industry because in Canada where I am from, potential employees must undergo criminal background checks before they get hired.

Maybe it’s different in the US?

Who knows.

Jull leaves her last job at an Idaho nursing home late March 2021 (the very same time she started working for The Hyperfund / Hyperverse Ponzi Scheme for these guys):

Ryan Xu and Sam Lee

Then these two leave Australia after owing creditors $21M and have been ‘hiding’ out in scam friendly region of Dubai.

Even though Ryan Xu and Sam Lee are in hiding, they somehow launched two more ponzis called HyperNation and HyperOne.

Now Jull / Hill has been reported leaving Hyperverse for another ponzi scheme on May 1, 2022.

She is going as far as doing marketing videos for said new ponzi.

This makes me ask…

Since Jull is still facing garnishment for $1.3M, is she trying to get funds together by ripping new people off to pay the older ones she ripped off prior to the year 2000?

Who really knows!

With ponzi scheme admins…

They are a ‘special’ breed and who really knows what goes on in their minds.

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