Hyperverse Founder Scammed Investors Out of 100 Million In Media Chain


This is the 5th Ponzi Scheme that Ryan Xu (also known as Zijing Xu) has ran over the past 3 years.

So far over 1 Million people have invested Billions of dollars into his latest ponzi called the Hyperverse.

Just last month Hyperverse was called The Hyperfund that I reviewed back in July.

One of his previous schemes called Media Chain was responsible for stealing over 100 Million Yuan from unsuspecting victims / investors and then pulling a vanishing act.

I noticed that someone tweeted Ryan Xu (Zijing Xu) stole over 100 Million Yuan from a post on Twitter dated back in Jan 26, 2018.


According to the article I read…

Shortly after its ICO, the team behind Media Chain(“影视链”in Chinese) liquidated all ETHs they’ve collected and vanished from the face of internet, scamming nearly 100 million yuan from investors. Disappearing acts always indicate to a scam.

Media Chain bills itself as a company that is developing a decentralized application(dApp) focused on the film and television industry. Leveraging on blockchain technology, the project is commited to simplifying the process of film investment, producing and distribution. The token it launched is called MDC.

It is said that the platform allows eligible filmmakers to launch their own tokens for film making . And film investors can exchange MDC tokens for the film tokens to contribute to the funding of their favourite films’ production.

It would seem that history is ‘repeating itself’ since the Ryan Xu and his partner in crime Sam Lee (Chairman of Hyperverse / Hyperfund and past partner of Ryan’s in the Big HCash Scam) haven’t been seen for months.

They have even appointed a new CEO who turns out to be a ‘paid actor’ pretending to be CEO of Hyperverse / Hyperfund).


Try to do a Google Search on this guy and he comes up blank outside of Hyperverse scam.

Anyway getting back to the main part of this article…

Media Cash initially was created around the idea of a ‘decentralized app’ that focused on the film and television industries.

Xu and Lee created a ‘pump and dump’ coin called MDC that could be exchanged for film tokens to contribute to the funding of their favorite film’s production.

It was a good idea but sadly that was not the focus of Ryan Xu and Cohort Sam Lee.

Their whole idea was to come up with a good investment idea that would convince Chinese investors to hand over their hard earned Yuan and they did!

In Main Media Cash, they went as far as paying to dollar for a Canadian Actor named Joshua Jackson to ‘pretend’ to be their humbled software engineer.


Joshua is mostly known for his role as Pacey Witter on Dawson’s Creek.


I have seen Joshua in many films and couldn’t believe that this guy got so desperate in part of his acting career that he would take on a role pretending to be engineer for known ponzi scheme scammers.

All traces of his acting job for Xu and Lee were almost deleted.

Fast Forward to Hyperverse / Hyperfund…

Xu and Lee are at it again.

They have managed to convince over 1 Million people to invest Billions of dollars worth of USDT (a stable coin holding the value of 1:1 on the US Dollar).

But sadly over the past week or so, the majority of investors are reporting not being able to withdraw their money.


And it gets worse…

Up until now, they have managed to convince most of these loyal investors of the Hyperverse / Hyperfund to not withdraw their promised earnings of 300%.


By leveraging the ‘Greed and desperation’ of these hopeful people.

Hyperverse is promising them triple the rewards / ROI by a ‘rebuy’ strategy that seems to be working wonders.

Most of these investors / members are so desperate, most are not withdrawing.

What keeps them going?

Believe it or not, it’s an idea of them getting rich.

Hyperverse / Hyperfund and Ryan and Sam gave all their investors an App that shows them the amount of ROI that they have earned so far.


Ryan Xu and Sam Lee have convinced the majority of their investors to not withdraw but to keep ‘rebuying’ based off of a monopoly money balance that they can log in and see via their Hyper app.

Would most investors be gullible enough to keep their money in the Hyperverse instead of trying to withdraw?

Well there was another scam called Mirror Trading International that ran for a few years and believe it or not, what kept most of those MTI investors around for two years was a picture of a trade in their back office.


People saw losses into the Billions with MTI.

They are using the Hyperverse investors ‘greed and desperation’ to keep promised ROI in the platform.

Why are people not able to withdraw over the 2021 Christmas Holidays and Shopping season?

Most of the investors are from US, UK and Canada where most residents are in overdrive doing a shopping spree pre-Christmas.

And Hyper Ponzi Admins know all to well the most of these investors (rebuy strategy or not) would try and take out their promised riches and rewards during this month of December.

But since their is no outside revenue being proven other than ‘Network Marketing Recruitment’, Ponzi bosses know that if most people all started withdrawing at the same time, this would surely break the Hyper Ponzi’s bank!

Now to keep the Hyperdoors open for new investors to come in, Hyperverse admins have pushed back their launch to the first quarter of 2022.

People can still get money in to the Hyper Ponzi but can’t get it out.

However, affiliates are still the only ones getting paid (for now), since they keep the ball rolling by convincing their family and friends to ‘donate’ their hard earned money.

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Author: Rory Singh

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    What i understand that they will never got thier which they invest in it
    Example someone put 10000 dollar that means he lost everything in onw night itself

    1. They were paying out last year but not now. A ton of people are complaining about still not being able to withdraw since last December.

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