Hyperverse UK Fraud Warning (Hyperfund) – Added To FCA Website


Despite compliance attempts from Hyperverse / Hyperfund admins, they still managed to get the hyperverse.net domain added to the official FCA UK Fraud Warning.

I reviewed Hyperfund back in July and warned people that this was an awful ponzi scheme that was going to scam millions of people out of Billions of dollars.

But many people ignored the warnings and red flags and invested anyway.

After Hyperfund got 6 investor Fraud Warnings from UK, India, Guernsey, New Zealand, Germany and Bermuda, their admins decided to rebrand into Hyperverse in hopes of keeping the scheme from falling apart.

In the past, Ryan Xu and Sam Lee (founder and chairman) hired a lady calling herself “Hope Hill” to head up their compliance department and as it turns out, she is fake as well.


Everything about the Hyperverse / Hyperfund opportunity seems to be fake…

Hope Hill is really a lady named Ronae Jull and just a decade ago she was calling herself a ‘Hope Coach’.


Now for some reason she abandoned that coaching idea to dupe millions of people into joining one of the biggest ponzi schemes of 2020 and 2021.

Hope Hill / Ronae Jull has been instructing Hyperverse / Hyperfund affiliates to call it a ‘rewards ‘ program and to never use the words “Investing” or ROI but to replace them with the word “Club”.

Well no matter what you call it, in the eyes of the authorities (Security Regulators) it is an unregistered, illegal investment program offering the public ‘unsustainable’ ROI.

Last month after affiliates and investors started complaining about their withdrawals being locked, Hypertech Group (parent company of Hyperverse) hired a paid actor to play new CEO:


This guy who appears in videos to be reading off a script is calling himself Steven Reece and the new CEO.

Unfortunately he does not exist outside of Hypertech companies.

And to make matters even more frustrating for investors, the original admins Ryan Xu, Sam Lee and Jayden Wei have been reported to be hiding from authorities in Dubai where there are no current USA Extradition Treaties.

The Road So Far…

  • Hypertech changes Hyperfund to Hyperverse to escape Securities Regulation
  • Hyperverse Complance Officer is fake herself and instructs investors and affiliates to replace the words “Investment and ROI” with the words “Rewards and Club”.
  • Hypertech Group hires paid actor to play CEO.
  • Investors Still reporting withdrawals locked.

Main admins Xu, Lee and Wei still missing in action.


This does not look too good for new Hyperfund / Hyperverse investors.

How long will this scheme last?

Most likely there are still some gullible people out there in the world who will still invest their hard earned money even after so many red flags.

My prediction:

Hyperverse will still go for a little while longer, however most people will end up losing most of their money in the end.

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Author: Rory Singh