Igenius Review – Legit Passive Crypto AI Trader or Big Investment Scam?


In this Igenius Review, find out if this is a real passive crypto income opportunity of just another MLM recruitment revenue scheme.

At the the time of me writing this review article, there still seems to be a ton of buzz around this company.

And if you are here, most likely you want to find out if Igenius is for real and for how long can you earn passively with them.

Let’s find out…

Igenius is offering the same idea of passive returns through MLM similar to Hyperverse / Hyperfund and CashFX.

Igenius The Company:

Before ‘rebranding’ to Igenius, this company was known as Kuvera Global.

They decided to do a name change after losing a lot of popularity and traffic with Kuvera Global.

The company is headed up by this fellow…


Igenius Global President:

Chad Garner was part of this company back to the old days when it was known as Wealth Generators.

He came from a sales and marketing background before taking the position of Vice President of Sales Operations.

When the company made the switch from Wealth Generators to Kuvera Global, Chad moved up to the President’s position.

This is the 3rd version of this system and platform to date.

Version 1- This was launched as Wealth Generators back in 2013.

Unfortunately it didn’t turn out that well because they got caught by The CFTC and fined $150,000 for offering retail distributors ‘illegal’ Forex and Binary Options in the United States.

Version 2- In 2018 Investview changed the name of the platform to Kuvera Global and also made a switch from offering ‘passive’ Forex gains to ‘passive’ Crypto Gains.

Kuvera Global offered passive investors an opportunity to earn ROI through the leasing of Crypto Mining Machines.

To make a really long story short…

Crypto Mining Investors didn’t do so well after the mining program fell apart causing a ton of losses by affiliates.

On another note, Investview still didn’t learn their lesson the first time around after getting in trouble with the Regulators…

Kuvera Global was never registered with the SEC in the States to legally offer the public a passive investment opportunity.

Version 3- Finally we can now talk about Igenius Global (the current version of this platform).

Either the third time will be a charm (or complete disaster).

Now enter the Dragon (it’s starting to sound like a Bruce Lee story)…

Investview has partnered up with another company called Endotech that is based in Isreal to offer Igenius Global affiliates again another opportunity (hopefully)to make ROI from Endotech’s AI Bot.
What’s the problem with this idea?

Endotech is headed up by a guy named Dmitry Gooshchin and Dr Anna Becker.


When I first reviewed another platform called Daisy AI (owned by Endotech)…

Goochin’s only digital footprint outside of Endotech is a LinkedIn profile and a picture of him playing chess.

Becker has lost some credibility last month because a firm called the Financial Commission did their very best to distance themselves from her and Endotech.

On top of that, Endotech was pretending to use an address of a very large restaurant chain in Isreal as their own headquarters but when Reviewers started making a point about it, they removed it from their website.

This BS ONLY happens in Network Marketing – Daisy / Endotech

You can see for yourself Endotech pretending their home office was somewhere else than it really is here.

Partnership in Unregistered Securities:

Both Igenius Global and Endotech aren’t registered with any Securities Regulators in the world.

They are not even registered in their home countries of the US or Israel (where Endotech claims they are based out of).

This means that both companies are operating illegally and fraudulently in respect to Investment offerings.

Igenius Global claims that they have disclosed their passive income opportunity to the Securities Regulator in the States (SEC) but their is a problem with this too.

Apparently a full disclosure to the SEC will look like this:

  • the basics of their ndau passive investment opportunity
  • the basics of their CryptoElite passive investment opportunity
  • who exactly from EndoTech developed their trading bot
  • audited financial reports revealing alleged generated trading revenue

But this is what Igenius did:

  • no mention of EndoTech
  • no mention of CryptoElite
  • no disclosures pertaining to their trading bot
  • no audited financial reports pertaining to crypto bot trading

Igenius Global Product Line:

They don’t have any retail able products. The only thing their affiliates can market are the make money memberships themselves.

However, their are financial and Crypto Educational Products along with a Travel Portal that offers discount bookings behind the affiliate memberships.

Igenius Global Compensation Plan:

There are 2 ways to make money with Igenius Global.

1- Passive Investment Opportunity:

Igenius Global NDAU Altcoin

Investors and affiliates buy into the NDAU altcoin for a cost of $1,000.

There are 2 packages:

  • A 3 Month Package of ndau allows investors to get the coins at 10% of the current public traded price and value.

This package locks you in for 3 full months and pays an annual compounded rate of 5%.

After the 3 months are finished the rate will drop to 4%.

  • A 3 Year Package of ndau will lock you in for a full 3 years and promises a 15% annual compounded rate.

It’s quite obvious that the 3 year plan offers the bigger returns but investors and affiliates alike have to sweat it out for a full 3 years ‘before’ seeing any return which poses a very high risk.

CryptoElite Investment Opportunity:

Cost: $1,499 + $174.99 Per Month.

Once an investor gets started, they must pay the fees above plus $1,000 must be invested into the crypto elite trading bot.

Endotech charges a 10–15% fee for all funds invested through crypto elite.

  • Endotech also collects 20–45% of all the returns per every quarter.

The amount you pay them will be based on how much you pay in membership fees.

Important Note:

Their are ‘unseen’ costs that are hidden initially from hopeful investors. It can cost up to a full $10,000 to get positioned with using the trading ‘services’ that Endotech provides.

2- Recruitment (MLM Commissions):

This is the other way affiliates and Network Marketing distributors can make money with Igenius.


Residual Commissions: Igenius Global pays out residuals using a binary matrix plan.

  • sponor a Choice tier affiliate and receive $25 bonus
  • sponsor a Select tier affiliate and receive $50
  • sponsor a Premium tier affiliate and receive $100
  • sponsor an Elite tier affiliate and receive $200

Recruitment commissions are also paid on affiliate membership level upgrades.

$25 residual recruitment commission is paid when a personally recruited affiliate pays their ongoing monthly fees.

Cost to Join Igenius Global:

Choose from the 4 affiliate packages below:

  • Choice — $99.99 and then $99.99 a month
  • Select — $299.99 and then $174.99 a month
  • Premium — $599.99 and then $174.99 a month
  • Elite — $1499.99 and then $174.99 a month


Does a Igenius Scam Exist?

Well let’s first look at the facts…

The parent company that own Igenius Global is Investview.

Now Investview has filed with the SEC but the problem is they haven’t disclosed the very important details of Igenious Global’s passive investment figures and products.

Then there is Endotech who is based out of Israel and doesn’t show any verifyable proof that they are actually trading.

On top of that…

Endotech is not registered any where in the world to offer the public a passive investment opportunity (especially in their home country of Israel).

Neither Endotech nor Igenius Global hold registration with any Securities Regulator in the world.


Their seems to be a trend.

When ever Investview gets into trouble with this passive income company (that is on to the third name now), they don’t fix any of their problems.

All they do is re-brand into a new name and start the ball rolling again.

At the end of the day, hopeful investors are unloaded worthless ndau tokens (they lost a lot of value back in the end of 2020) in exchange for real Crypto like BTC and USDT as an example.

Now for the crypto trading enthusiasts…

These poor people are giving their real money, BTC and other crypto in exchange for trading that is not proven nor legally registered.

Need I say more?

This concludes my Igenius Review.

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