Intelligence Prime Capital Fake MT4 Trading Accounts Exposed!

intelligence prime capital fake mt4 trading account

I see people swearing that Intelligence Prime Capital is 100% legit because they are showing proof of real MT4 Footage of Live Trades.

But is this really the case?

Let’s find out…

I reviewed IPC last month.

As an adult, it’s your job to use your thinking faculty combined with your intuition (gut) to distinguish something that is true from BS.

Now everyone on earth has the ability to think using logic, common sense to tell if something is real and even intuition to go by feeling.

But sadly the majority of people on this planet refrain from using their FREE God given capabilities in exchange for believing what they want to believe…

Most people want to believe in some ‘Easy’ Button that they can click that will spit passive profits through their smart phones 24 / 7 / 365.

And this ignorant way of thinking results in Trillions of dollars in losses (yes trillions when you take into consideration how many people are blindly investing into ponzi schemes nowadays).

We could do away with all hunger, poverty and suffering on this planet with the amount of money that the average Joe or Jane lose annually investing into MLM Passive Investment Scams.

Now on to the latest gimmick…

Intelligence Prime Capital Ponzi Pimp Promotion:

Intelligence Prime Capital (a ponzi scheme being promoted by a desperate group of people – network marketers who have joined multiple affiliate programs and network marketing opportunities throughout the years with little to know success).

Here is a post by Ron on Facebook talking about this:


Is this a mean thing to be talking about?

Look, the same people KEEP actively looking, promoting and investing into ponzi schemes every year and the ‘same’ people KEEP ripping themselves off.

I am not being mean.

I am just stating the obvious truth.

Network Marketer Wife Promoting Intelligence Prime Capital On Social Media:

intelligence prime capital fake mt4 forex trading account

Are the actual trades being verified by real MT4 Trading Accounts?

I will get into that in just a minute.

But let’s look at no.3 above…

Fintrac and MSB are complete BS because they have allowed a ponzi scheme (IPC) with a fake CEO and fake COO to register with them.

Fake Intelligence Prime Capital CEO:

Fake CEO

This guy does not exist ‘outside’ of this company at all.

No digital footprint.

He is a paid actor who can be seen reading a script in any of their marketing videos.

And their CMO is also a fake because he is stealing some one else’s identity:



This is the real Stefan Walter (who has absolutely nothing to do with this ponzi scheme):


So obviously if Fintrac and MSB have allowed this blatant ponzi to register with them using fake administration, then Fintrac and MSB don’t mean jack!

Now let’s get into the next big thing…

Real MT4 Forex Trading Proof For Intelligence Prime Capital:

The Next Image Explains Everything..

fake mt4 trading accounts intelligence prime capital

In simple terms, this is all a cock and bull story…

It’s all fake.

There was a big popular ponzi from South Africa called Mirror Trading International that exit scammed back in 2020 leaving a ton of passive investors in Billions of dollars in losses ‘collectively’.

MTI network marketers kept preaching about ‘their’ trading proof.

But their trading proof turned out to be an image of a trading account.

And thousands of gullible people bought into MTI and lossed because of that image.


Because most people in the Network Marketing industry usually want to believe what they want to believe…

They want to believe in ‘Easy Riches’.

Many of them lost even more of their own money in the Big Cashfx ponzi scheme that had a hall way filled with screens in their big company kick off event in Panama when they first launched.

Network Marketers walked through the hallway in complete awe like it was the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ after seeing a wall full of screens filled with charts and graphs (most of which they didn’t understand).

cashfx fake trading

I think most network marketers don’t truly even care to understand this trading stuff.

Most are just happy to be able to ‘pitch’ their passive ponzis to their victims knowing all to well that most of their victims won’t understand it either!

So let’s close off on this next idea…

Reddit Forum Has Exposed Fake Live MT4 Accounts (9 Months Ago):

According to the nerds on reddit, you can fool people easily (as they are in Intelligence Prime Capital) into believing that there is real trading happening…

exposing fake mt4 accounts reddit

Moral of the story?

If you see a ponzi, and it smells like a ponzi, then it must be a ponzi!

Now here’s another little tell tale that what you are looking at is a scam…

If they have an MLM COMPENSATION Plan.

And IPC has that combined with a ton of desperate networkers to boot!

No real trader who has a bot that can promise up to 45% will share it with you.

If these anonymous scammers behind Intelligence Prime Capital actually could guarantee trades like that, they wouldn’t need a random stranger like you online to solicit.

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