Intelligence Prime Capital Stealing Passive Investors Money?


Passive Investors world wide using the Intelligence Prime Capital platform are reporting the following issues:

1- Intelligence Prime Capital Blocked and Disabled Accounts:

2- Drained and Deactivated Accounts:


IPC Clear Red Flags:

I reviewed IPC back in January and didn’t recommend them because of some big red flags like they had a fake CEO and COO.

Paid Actor Pretending to be CEO

Like identity theft and even a false address.

Then there was the issue of fake MT4 Forex Trading Proof that turned out to be a big ‘smoke and mirrors’ show.

On top of all that, IPC is not registered anywhere in the world to legally offer the public a passive income opportunity.

So far they have an Investors fraud warning alert from Russia and Canada.

Then there is the BIG problem of 45% promised ROI per month.

45% is not sustainable.

People Are Not Learning:

The red flags listed above are clear as day.

Unfortunately most people are hoping to still make big money with investing and Forex.

Most of these IPC Investors have ‘ignored’ their common sense in hopes of making big quick money.

But history has a way of repeating itself…

Most of these people will end up losing way more than they ever gain.

Ponzis Payout Your Own Money:

I keep seeing comments from people saying that they have gotten paid with a particular ponzi scheme but what the anonymous owners are paying you is your own money back that you have invested.

But it gets worse…

Dependent On New Investment:

IPC doesn’t have any real proof of Forex Trading Revenue.

They show people fake trading proof using a smoke and mirror show…

Basically he Rented/Purchased his own custom broker server for the common forex platform MT4 & he was on the management side of that MT4 server because he was the admin.

Because he had control of the server he can easily make demo accounts with a real/live account tag and do custom deposits, withdrawal, trades, delete trades from history, modify take profit, stop loss, position size and entry price on a position and make it look real easily.

The purpose of this video is to show retail traders how forex educators and gurus fake success and fool people with fake servers etc to sell BS education and services!

He can make the Logo whatever he wants. The gurus can even make similar server names if they’re not taken they go that far to scam ppl.

So if revenue to pay the passive investors doesn’t come from Forex Trading, where does it come from?

Revenue is created using Network Marketing Recruitment.

But once new investment starts drying up because things like Fraud Warning Alerts by Regulators, it triggers a collapse that usually follows with an Exit Scam.

When this happens, a whole bunch of people will pretend they never knew it was a scam and then go out actively looking for a ‘new scam’ to invest.

Why does this brutal cycle continue?

People are people and most of them want ‘quick and easy’ money.

They want ‘unsustainable’ ROI.

The stuff (ROI) that most of the people want are reserved for the ‘super wealthy’ and not open to the general public.

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Author: Rory Singh