IPCloud Review – Intelligence Prime Capital Is Back To Re-scam Victims!


In this IPCloud Review, find out how the anonymous scammers behind Intelligence Prime Capital are trying to re-scam their previous victims.

I reviewed Intelligence Prime Capital back in January and didn’t recommend them because there were way too many red flags like:

Fake CEO being played by bad actor:


And then the COO identity was stolen from a real guy name Walter Stefan:


Then there was no proof of intelligence prime capital actually being located at the Toronto Canada address that they stole from Toronto Star Newspaper.

And if that wasn’t bad enough…

They were fooling gullible people to invest into their FAKE MT4 Trading accounts that had a big smoke and mirror show executing fake trades that appeared real.

Investor victims lost thousands individually but collectively they lost over $700M collectively (even thought they saw the red flags listed above).

To make a long story short…

Intelligence Prime Capital collapsed after network marketing recruitment dried up and pretended that they got shut down by authorities.

Now on You Tube, there seems to be a slew of new mini me OG’s trying to cash in (again) off the desperation of past IPC victims..


And most of the people who lost all of their money with IPC, seem to be buying into the new IPCloud platform hook line and sinker.


I predict that most of these so called victims who lost money by investing into Intelligence Prime Capital will re-invest back into this new IPCloud platform and app.

Android and iphone users have already been reporting popups regarding the IPCloud App being malicious.

But even so, many of them will ‘still’ donate their hard earned money to the anonymous scammers running IPCloud and Intelligence Prime Capital.

I don’t recommend IPCloud (just like I didn’t recommend Intelligence Prime Capital).

All revenue with these types of scams are reliant on Network Marketing ‘Recruitment’ for revenue.

Once recruitment dries up, the previous victims will get scammed again as they collapse a second time.

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