How To Make $10K Per Month – Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make $10,000 per month with affiliate marketing, then you are going to need the following things and have this mindset.

Things Needed for Successful Affiliate Marketing Results:

1- Marketing System (sells, tells and does all of the convincing for you).

affiliate marketing system

2- Income (low front end products and entry levels to high back end HIGH Ticket products and commissions).

3- Community (like minded individuals led by veteran marketers who are experiencing great success).

4- Ongoing Training (training that teaches you how to generate traffic by leveraging free and paid advertising).

5- Email Marketing and Follow Up (you will need to learn how to build your own email list using Getresponse or Aweber or have a system that sends out pre-written high converting email messages on your behalf).

6- Positioning (have a product and pay plan that allows you to ‘position’ on the level that will fill your needs income wise).

7- Long Term Plan (plan to commit yourself to at least a one year plan to start getting the ‘consistent’ results that you need.

8- Personal Development (read books and listen to audios that help you remove blocks to receiving abundance) Very Important**

9- Social Proof (you will need lots of ongoing testimonials showing that people are getting good results and earnings with your system.

Your Attitude and Beliefs With Affiliate Marketing:

attitude for success affiliate marketing

What you believe and your attitude forms your mindset (state of mind) and creates either good or bad results with affiliate marketing.


What you believe about your:

1- Self

2- List

3- Leads

4- Followers

5- Prospects

6- Team Members and Business Partners

All determine what kind of results you will get for yourself in respects to your affiliate marketing earnings.

At the end of the day…

1-You need to believe in yourself (that you can get good results online).

2- Belief in your product of system (that it offers value to your prospects / customers).

3- Belief in your team and leads (that they are capable of making good results and that they can become successful).

People can always accomplish way more than you think they can (if they really want to).

Skin In The Game (investment in Affiliate Marketing:

You will need to ‘invest’ in yourself by purchasing what it is that you want to sell even if you think you can’t afford it.

When I was new, I had to borrow money from credit cards and even family members.

People don’t do what you say.

People do what you do (at the unconscious level).


Be willing to start from the bottom (if you don’t have any results online successfully yet).


Don’t be jealous of leaders who keep making money (if you are struggling and new).

jealous of other peoples success affiliate marketing

No one starts at the top!

Leaders getting good results show you and your prospects that you can have success.

Final Note:

affiliate marketing success

You are bigger than your system, bigger than the money you want and bigger than your problems.

You are here to remember who you are and the POWER that you hold.

This is the main reason you are here today.

And if you don’t remember, the personal development that I mentioned above will help you remove the blocks to your attraction powers.

Rory Singh is a Home Business Development Coach, Blogger and You Tube Publisher

I have seen many people, companies and systems come and go in my years online. I have 3 decades of experience in the MLM industry (since the 80’s) and have been online since 2006 (as an affiliate marketer).

I have been doing Reviews since 2013.

In my experience, the ONLY people who make a Long Term Lasting Income Online, are the people willing to learn how to become financially independent.

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Author: Rory Singh