MetaNuva Review – PGI Team Back Again To Scam Some More?

metanuva review

In this MetaNuva Review…Are the PGI Scammer gang back at again in MetaNuva and Nuva Token?

Or is this actually a legitimate opportunity to earn passive income?

Let’s find out…

MetaNuva / Nuva Token The Company:

The website ‘’ was privately registered using Godaddy on October 17, 2021.

Unfortunately there is no information about who owns or runs this crypto investment platform on the website.

However, there about us section leads to another website called ‘’ that shows who is running both websites.

Nuva Token is actually part of MetaNuva and the good news is they are real people:

metanuva executive team admins

The bad news is these main four management team members were all part of the PGI Global Ponzi Scam that collapsed and left the majority of their passive investors in deep losses.

PGI Global was a crypto investment scam that started back in 2020 by a Philippines / American man named RV Palafox:

rv palafox

RV Palafox was last seen drag racing with exotic sports cars in the US after PGI Global exit scammed on their investors.

He hasn’t been seen or heard of since.

I am uncertain if he is actually part of the Metanuva / Nuva Token launch.

MetaNuva / Nuva Token Investment Packages:

Passive investors exchange equal amounts of USDT for Nuva Tokens in packages that start at $129 that run right up to $20,000.

Nuva Tokens are ERC 20 and BEP 20 Tokens that are created by programmers in a matter of minutes. Many MLM companies use them because they cost next to nothing to make and are easily manipulated (pump and dump in value).

Important note: Once 200% ROI is reached (if), a re-investment will be required to keep earning.

MetaNuva / Nuva Token MLM Compensation Plan:

Affiliates can join for free and earn referral commissions (between 6 – 8%) based on how much they decide to invest at along with their affiliate ranks.

MetaNuva / Nuva Token Affiliate Ranks:

There are 10 affiliate ranks (NuvaStar Ranks1 – 10) and that is based on the overall affiliate’s recruitment volume and downline investment.

The more an affiliate recruits, the more he or she can make and the higher the rank they can achieve.


Does a MetaNuva / Nuva Token Scam Exist?

Well let’s look at the facts…

1- The management team were all part of the PGI Global scam that left passive investors in deep losses

2- MetaNuva and Nuva Token are not registered anywhere in the world to offer a passive income opportunity to the public

3- Nuva Tokens are worthless outside of the MetaNuva community

4- Nuva Tokens don’t have any real value as an MLM Coin

5- Investors are forced to invest real value based crypto (USDT) in exchange for low value / worthless tokens

6- Affiliates are paid out referral income (for now) in USDT

Eventually once MetaNuva / Nuva Token ends in collapse due to network marketing recruitment drying up, most of their passive investors will end up in deep losses and holding a bag of useless MLM tokens (Nuva Tokens).

At the end of the day the majority of investors will end up in deep losses just like they did with PGI Global.

This concludes my MetaNuva Review.

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