NBH Finance Review – Legit 200% Monthly ROI or Investment Scam?


In This Review of NBH Finance, find out more info about their investment plans along with the overall legitimacy of this company and program.

Type of System: MLM / Passive Investment / HYIP

NBH Finance The Company:

Their website nbhfinance.com was privately registered on June 25, 2021.

There is no verifiable information about their executive team members and admins.


NBH Finance does have people, pictures and bios on their website but none of them seem to be real people.

Here’s one example of the person who they ‘claim’ is their Chief Communication Officer – David O’Hara who turns out to be a stolen image of a real person featured on Bloomberg Quint.


As it turns out, the person in the image is actually Uday Kotak (CEO of Kotak Mahindra Bank).

What this means is the ‘anonymous’ owners behind NBH Finance are using ‘stolen’ images and trying to fabricate identities that appear legitimate in order to fool investors.

NBH Finance Product Line:

They don’t have any retail able products or services.

The only thing affiliates and distributors have to market is their affiliate memberships directly.

NBH Finance Compensation and Investment Plans:

Investors invest their funds for a promised advertised passive return of 200% monthly.

They have 7 investment plans to choose from (all have an Annual Admin Fee):

1- Basic: $6 Admin fee, $50 Maximum investment

2- Starter: $9 Admin fee, Maximum investment $90

3- Plus: $15 Admin fee, Maximum investment $150

4- Economic: $22 Admin fee, Maximum investment $1,000

5- Standard: $50 Admin fee, Maximum investment $5,000

6- Elite: $90 Admin fee, Maximum investment $10,000

NBH Finance Referral Program:

Affiliates and Network Marketing Distributors recruit investors into NBH and earn a flat 10% commission.

MLM Residual Commissions are being paid out using a Binary Matrix comp plan.

Cost To Join NBH Finance:

1- Free (for affiliates and network marketing distributors)

2- Minimum of $56 to a Maximum of $10,090 (for passive investors)


Does an NBH Finance scam exist?

Let’s look at the facts…

They claim:

NBH Finance is a part of NBH Group. We have bank and insurance Properties business. We also have stock, bond and international currency business and gold-oil-crypto trading. NBH Finance is an experienced trader who manages only NBH Finance. We provide mutual funds to all registered businesses.

None of this is proven but just claims.

There seems to be some broken English used above indicating that most likely they have some other native language.


1- Anonymous Owners

2- Fake Identities

3- Not Registered to offer Securities legally

4- Unsustainable ROI…

If these anonymous people could actually come up with a way to make 200% monthly returns on their own, why would they need to solicit investment form random strangers online?

Why would they need a Network Marketing Comp Plan?

All they would need to do is go to the bank, take out a huge investors loan and silently make Billions of dollars for themesleves.

Once Network Marketing recruitment dies down, NBH Finance will collapse, exit scam and the anonymous owners will run off with the Lion’s share of investor funds.

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Author: Rory Singh