Novatech FX Fraud Warning From Australia 1 Year After Rug Pull

novatech fx website offline

Novatech FX Ponzi Scheme gets a fraud warning from ASIC ins Australia 1 year after it collapsed. This has got to be the worst Regulator!

Novatech FX was a horrible scam that was created by a network marketing couple…

Cynthia Petion and her husband Eddy.

novatech fx scam owners cynthia and eddy petion

The duo took off into hiding after their ponzi ran low of ‘new’ investment funding from network marketing recruitment.

Some people think they are hiding out in Dubai.

I personally think they are still in The US possibly Florida.

Now a full year after Novatech FX Investors lost access to their trading accounts, the ASIC in Australia finally issues a fraud warning alert for investors in Australia.

novatech fx asic fraud warning

The ASIC did the same thing back in 2021 with another scam called Beurax that was headed up by an actor pretending her name was Susan Pope…

beurax ponzi scheme

Beurax collapsed at the beginning of March 2021 and the ASIC issued their alert warning investors a full month after that.

But now with Novatech FX, a full year after people got ripped off?

That’s just crazy!

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