Novatech Cease and Desist Order Ontario, Canada

Novatech has received it’s first cease and desist order in Canada namely Ontario. This is the second Cease and Desist order after California.

In different regions and jurisdictions, wording is used differently.

In California they call it ‘Cease and Refrain’ Order.

In Ontario they are calling it ‘Cease Trade‘ Order.

In Texas they call it ‘Cease and Desist’.

All in all what it is called doesn’t matter.

What matters is Novatech is ‘pretending’ to do Forex Trading to generate ‘passive’ profits for investors and aren’t registered to do business in any region or state worldwide.

For Ontario residents and novatech investors, in a nutshell this means…

Novatech is offering an ‘unregistered‘ Securities offering and is not registered in Ontario to do such business / trading.

Anyone getting caught promoting novatech and novatechfx in Ontario could get charged by the RCMP and if convicted, face fines and possible jail time.

Where are the Petions hiding?


After receiving a ‘Cease and Refrain’ Order from California, Cynthia Petion and her husband Eddy Petion are most likely aware that the DOJ are most likely on their trail looking to find and ‘prosecute’ them for running an illegal investment scam in the United States of America.

If they have any sense at all, they will most likely hide out in scam / ponzi friendly region of Dubai.

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