NovatechFX Orders Affiliates To Destroy ALL Legal Evidence

novatech destroys legal evidence

Following the aftermath of Cease & Desist Order from California, Novatechfx and Novatech LLC desperately orders affiliates to destroy investment related promotion.


Cynthia and Eddy Petion seem to be following what The Hyperverse Scam did when Sam Lee and Ryan Xu did when their scam started getting negative attention from the authorities…

They rolled out a compliance order to all affiliates and network marketing distributors ordering anyone in Novatechfx and Novatech LLC to ‘destroy’ and delete advertising and marketing material claiming that Novatech is an Investment Opportunity.

This is all after Novatechfx, Novatech LLC and got a cease and desist order from the State of California ordering the illegal investment scheme to stop doing any investing business in their jurisdiction.

Hyperverse went as far as hiring a lady named Ronae Jull to play Chief Compliance officer AKA ‘Hope Hill”:


Hill ordered all Hyperverse / Hyperfund affiliates to to ‘destroy’ all evidence of an investment opportunity and to ‘eliminate’ any marketing material with the words ‘ROI’ and ‘Investment’.


But as it turns out with these illegal investment schemes, Hill / Jull had a criminal past.

She actually spent years 21 months in jail for running a 300% ROI Investment Scam back in 1998 and didn’t appear to learn her lesson since she was again part of another illegal scheme (Hyperverse / Hyperfund).

Conclusion- Will This Work?

If destroying all evidence didn’t work for The Hyperverse Scam, I don’t think it will work for the NovatechFX, Novatech LLC Investment Scam.

At the end of the day, Novatechfx is not legally registered with any Securities Regulator and builds their Revenue through Network Marketing ‘Recruitment’.

Network Marketers are desperately telling their family and friends that Novatech is a Big Investment Opportunity that is silently changing their lives:

novatech investment opportunity

In the end, NovatechFX and Novatech LLC will definitely see their Network Marketing Revenue slowly drying up since they need network marketers to get their family and friends in to KEEP it going.

But in order to keep it going, their family and friends won’t join if it doesn’t appear ‘worthy’ of their investment money or if they see ‘more’ Legal Investment fraud warnings.

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