Novatech FBI Clears California Cease & Desist Order?

novatech fx fbi clearance audit

Did the FBI Clear Novatech LLC and NovatechFX from the Cease and Desist Order by California? Or is this another tall tale told by nuts?

Novatech LLC and NovatechFX Cleared By FBI:

novatech fbi clears cease and desist order california

This is a comment I received from a you tube viewer claiming they were told by their Network Marketing upline that Novatech got cleared by the FBI.

The stories that some of these affiliates are coming up with to keep novatechfx alive are getting more nuttier by the minute.

Novatechfx / Novatech LLC FBI 700 Page Report Rumor:

novatech fbi report
Novatech Goldengurl

The FBI rumor that everyone is talking about for the past month or so was started by a lady calling herself ‘Goldengurl’.

She is the one who started all of that and the CEO (Cynthia Petion) acknowledged that it was true.

How stupid do they think their passive investors are?

FBI Purpose FAQ:

fbi purpose novatech fx

The FBI takes care of ‘threats’ at a ‘national’ level like heavy crime, violence, mass shootings and bombing ETC.

The FBI does not look over Financial Institutions or imposters posing as legit organizations.

The government body that rules over entities that offer ‘passive income publicly’ are overseen by Securities Regulators and Commissions.

Novatech LLC / Novatechfx Cease and Desist Order California Not Official:

novatech cease and desist order california

Yes those cats over at the DFPI (California Securities Regulator) didn’t sign it.

Bunch of schmucks lol.

But it’s still official because it comes from them and it’s on their website.

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