NovatechFX Alberta Fraud Warning and Investors Alert

alberta fraud warning

This marks the 4th Regulatory Action against Novatechfx, Novatech LTD, after Russia, British Columbia, California and now Alberta Canada (ASC).

novatechfx novatech ltd alberta fraud warning

The regulatory action from California was a ‘Cease and Desist’ (cease and refrain order) pretty well saying that anyone getting caught promoting Novatech Ltd / novatech llc / novatechfx in the state of California will get charged and possibly convicted.

NovatechFX Fraud Warnings Hurt Business:

novatech ltd fraud warning alberta canada asc securities regulator

Novatech Fraud Warnings pose a great threat against these kinds of ‘investment’ systems because they usually scare away potential ‘new’ investors.

And since there is no evidence of any trading with Novatech, they are 100% reliant on ‘new’ investors money to KEEP the scheme going (to pay the older investors).

Too many fraud warnings and other regulatory action usually starve systems pretending to be legitimate investments.

NovatechFX Financial Advisor and Fact Checker:

novatechfx novatech ltd alberta securities fraud
Reuben Mattinson / AKA Reuben James

There is a guy on You Tube (Reuben Mattinson) who calls himself Reuben James for some reason is making videos trying to make the passive investor community of NovatechFX feel safe by taking a nonchalant manner regarding the rise in recent warning from Securities Regulator.

This young fellow is taking on some serious legal business in attempting to fool the public into believing that Securities Fraud isn’t a serious matter.

I think he is not worried because since he lives in the UK, he may think that the long arm of the law can’t catch him but things could go very wrong for him if the FCA (UK Securities Regulator) ever gets onboard.

EmpiresX Master Trader Sentenced To 51 Months In Prison:

Another young guy lying and cheating the public (Joshua D Nicholas) out of Millions of dollars was recently sentenced in Miami, Florida to 4.25 Years in Prison.


Nicholas pretended to be Master Trader for a Ponzi Scheme called EmpiresX (that had pretend Trading) and he even stole a representatives identity from Goldman & Sachs.

Reuben Mattinson / James is even telling potential investors that Securities Fraud Warning Alerts are not a big deal:

novatech securities fraud explained

Novatech FBI Audit:

He even went as far as trying to smooth over the recent blunder made by Novatech CEO – Cynthia Petion when she acknowledged some Fake FBI Audit story one of her MLM promoters calling herself ‘GoldenGurl’.

novatechfx novatech ltd fbi audit

Mattinson is basically trying to turn ‘1 lie’ into another one by pretending the audit was paid for by Chinese ‘whisperers’ who supposedly hired some expert government group in the US to do an audit deeming Novatech not a scam but a legitimate company (and people are believing him)…

Mattinson pretends lies about some ‘non governmental’ agency doing an audit on Novatech claiming that it’s now legit:

novatechfx novatech ltd alberta investors alert

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