Novatech Fraud Warning Quebec – Investor Alert

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Novatech LTD ( has received their 5th fraud warning from Quebec. Ontario and California have issued Cease and Desist orders.

This makes it the 5th Securities Regulator to issue a fraud warning in Canada after Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Ontario Securities Commission has issued this Cease Trade Order and California has issued a Cease and Refrain Order.

The Novatech Investment Scam is head up by a Floridian Couple who are known as Big MLM Leaders who were responsible for Millions of dollars stolen in the AWS Mining Scam that they help run back in 2018.


Cynthia Petion is pretending to be a Clergy Leader / Reverend to bamboozle gullible people out of their hard earned money in the name of faith.

Her husband Eddy Petion is her partner in crime along with her brother Ricardo Roy Sr:

They are believed to be hiding out in scam friendly Dubai (a place that is a haven for MLM Scam owners and promoters) with Ricardo:

novatech scam cto ricardo roy sr

Some of their investors are very concerned and want their money back!

novatech february 27 live zoom call

Where did investors hard earned money go?

novatech wining and dining
Novatech Affiliates Wining and Dining

Well some believe that it went to some secret wallet used by the Petion’s and their expert Trading Team, however since there is no evidence of any ‘Forex Trading’,

novatech withdrawals bonus account
Novatech TOP MLM Promoters buy Toys

most of the money (after the Petion’s and Rico take their cut) go to the Giant MLM Comp plan to pay the Novatech Affiliates their ‘Bonus’ Account referral income for brining their family and friends and even co-workers to this Novatech Scam Fest!

novatech top affiliates bonus account referral income
Cynthia Petion’s Dream Home?

Most of their investors are waiting for the deadline of April 1st 2023 (All Fools Day) to start getting paid ‘passive’ income from their Trading Accounts.

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