NovatechFX, Nigerian Scammers Slam BehindMLM With Fake Info

novatech nigerian scammers

Novatech News: Scammers from Nigeria who run one of the largest Facebook Groups called NovatechFx_Official Worldwide are trying to falsify a Cease and Desist Order that was issued against NovatechFX, Novatech LLC and

This young fellow (novatechfx promoter / scammer):

novatech nigerian scammer emmanuel ofanna oche

In an attempt to ‘discredit’ BehindMLM and its main author Oz as well as to falsify a ‘Cease and Desist‘ Order that was issued against Novatech, he posted this ridiculous post:

novatechfx nigerian scammer group

And he even had grown people ‘agreeing’ with him:

novatechfx girl scammers

NovatechFX and Novatech Problems:

Everything young Emmanuel Ofonna Oche said above is false:

1-Cynthia & Eddie had no idea about the C&D letter:

novatechfx cease and desist order california

The Petions use fake addresses and virtual offices. This could very well be a possibility. The duo were probably too busy counting their money.

2-They learned about it this morning through Leaders:

Nah, I think they learned it through blogs and youtube channels like this one (that they carefully monitor or troll).

3- They were not served by any California officials:

As I said above, the Petions are using fake addresses and virtual offices.


4- Everything stated on document is false and misrepresented ✔️No signatures by any California authorities on the doc supposedly submitted:

The only document that I am aware of is this PDF File that explains all of the details regarding DFPI (Californian Securities Regulator) against Novatechfx, Novatech LLC and Cynthia and Eddy Petion.


This was poor attempt at trying to ‘falsify’ a Cease and Desist Order given to the Novatechfx ponzi scheme so their victims will keep investing.

The young fellow above and his brother Emmanuel Ochie Jr are all part of this big investment scam that seems to be gathering a lot of attention lately from the authorities.

I have caught both of these scammers coming to my channel and trolling.

Come to think of it, Cynthia Petion used to troll my AWS Mining Scam Review videos back in 2018 before it got shut down by a Texas Securities ‘Cease and Desist’ Order and then I caught her husband Eddy trolling as well.

They swear and play some dirty games all while trying to keep the novatech scam going.

The one that runs the Facebook Group in the picture above keep subscribing to my email list and I keep removing him but I think he is really trying hard to learn email marketing.

novatechfx nigerian scammer emmanuel ochie jr jpg

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