NovatechFX – More Signs Ponzi Scheme Is Imploding


NovatechFX and Novatech LLC have been getting a lot of ‘negative’ evidence lately from Authorities and Securities Regulators.

So far they have gotten investor fraud warning alerts from Russia, British Columbia, Alberta and even a ‘cease and desist / refrain order’ from California.

Now in a desperate attempt to stay ‘under the radar’, they are telling all affiliates not to ‘entice’ prospects to invest using investment terminology:

novatech deleting investment evidence 1

Novatech doesn’t want anyone talking about making 3% a week or so on social media.

novatech deleting investment evidence 2

Novatech has gotten attention from ‘US’ Authorities and Securities Regulators and are hoping to ‘stay under the radar’.

novatech deleting investment evidence 3

Novatech does not want people and agencies to get the idea that ‘something is not right’ so please do not post on social media.

If Novatechfx affiliates don’t post on social media, how will they get new investors to invest (in order to pay the older ones?

Then things seem to get worse.

One of the passive investors who really thought Novatechfx and Novatech LLC were legit brought up this important point:

novatech investors questioning morals

Then one of the affiliates claims that Novatechfx and Novatech LLC are working things out ‘legally’ with Authorities in the US and Canada:

novatech affiliate lying about legalities

How can Novatechfx and Novatech LLC work things out?

The only way they can work things out is by ‘registering’ with authorities forcing themselves to internal audit and then showing where revenue really comes from.

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  1. Most of the people who invested in Novatech have had very little success anywhere else and are really hoping and wishing it will somehow magically last longer. Good luck!

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