Novatech FX – Investor Withdrawal Problems and Deleted Accounts

novatech fx withdrawal problems

Some Novatech FX Investors have reported their accounts being deleted after requesting withdrawals.

And others claim that they never received their withdrawals after 15 days of waiting.

As per findings of Dave Kramer from Novatech Scam – Now What!?

novatech fx withdrawal problems and deleted accounts

One guy above claims that he didn’t get his promised withdrawal and on top of that, his account was closed by Novatech fx.

Then another fellow says he seen ‘other’ passive investors complaining about the same thing.

novatech fx missing withdrawals accounts deactivated

His withdrawal was ‘pending’ for 15 active days and then his account got deleted.

More people seem to be going through these Novatech FX Withdrawal Problems based on the image above.

People seem to have started complaining over on Trustpilot as well…

novatech fx withdrawal problems trustpilot

This person (CL) from the US claims that their requested withdrawal lasted over 3 weeks and still no ROI or response from Novatech FX admins.

Is Novatech FX Running Out of New Investment?

I think most of their novatech fx passive investors know all to well that there is no forex trading happening and they are doing their darnedest to keep new people investing.

Most of the Trustpilot positive reviews are from affiliates of novatech trying to keep the ponzi alive by making it look like everyone is getting rich and retiring with them.

But at the end of the day, no matter how much you sugarcoat a ponzi scheme, once network marketing recruitment runs dry, it’s game over.

Last year just before Christmas 2021, another bigger ponzi scheme called Hyperverse disabled all withdrawals just before Christmas shopping week.

In December, most people try to get their promised money out but ponzi scheme admins know that if too many people withdraw all around the same time, they will surely collapse.

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