Nugen Coin Review – Legitimate or Big Crypto Scam?


In this Review of Nugen Coin, find out if you should invest your hard earned money into this new company or not.

Is this a legal opportunity to invest or not?

Let’s find out…

Nugen Coin The Company:

On their website (, they are displaying ‘animated’ images of people as their Executive Team:


Their website looks and feels like The Hyperverse (an opportunity that recently scammed a ton of victims not too long ago).

Nugen Coin is headed up by Fazil M Jabar and John Austin (both guys reside in the US).

John Austin – Co founder
Fazil Mohamed Jabar – CEO and Co founder

Nugen Coin is linked to an MLM Wellness company called ShopFreeMart that was founded by John Austin:


Traffic and sales are down with ShopFreeMart based on search I did.

This leads me to believe that in hopes of ‘reviving’ business and profits, Shopfreemart has created their own coin (Nugen Coin) and are in the process of pawning them off on their already existing affiliate base.

Nugen Coin does not disclose their address or location.

However, ShopFreeMart does list an address:


After doing a Google search for the address listed on the contact section from website (12B Asheville Street East Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480), I can not find any street called B Ashville in North Carolina.

There is an E Ashville Street though…


I found this worth mentioning because after doing so may reviews, I have noticed that many ‘sketchy’ MLM companies have given bogus details trying to ‘pretend’ they are legitimate.

Maybe this is where John Austin lives.

Traffic To Nugen Coin:


Nugen Coin Products:

They have no retail able products or services.

The only thing their affiliates can market are their afilliate memberships themselves.

Nugen Coin Compensation and Investment Plans:


Affiliates invite their prospects to webinars in hopes that people sign up under them.

Affiliates are paid a 10% commission based on how much they can convince their downline to invest.

Affiliates can also earn on the MLM side of things…

They uses a 2 X 2 Matrix MLM Plan to pay out distributors who are willing to recruit:


How does this work?

Affiliates pay $43.75 to get a position on top of a 2 X 2 Matrix.

In return they get $43.75 worth of Nugen Coin.

As they recruit new member into their downline, if they are able to fill their matrix, they will earn $143 of Nugen Coin.

Each time one of their downline members completes a cycle, they earn an additional $20 worth of Nugen Coin.

Affiliates have the option of getting in at the top level for a cost of $1,356.25


In this example, $1356.25 gets an affiliate on top of 5 Matrices all at the same time.

The idea here would be to convince downline to invest the equivalent amount in hopes of earning bigger commissions.

Passive Investors:

For the passive people, the idea is to invest into Nugen Coins and then in turn lend them back to the company for a promised ROI paid out over time.

  • Minimum Purchase: $50
  • Important note: Shopfreemart will hold and lock up your coins for 18 months.
  • Promise of 200% returns for every 202 day interval.

Cost To Join ?

To get started as an affiliate it’s free.

Passive Investors must invest at least $50


Does a Nugen Coin Scam Exist?

Well let’s look at the facts…

1- Nugen Coin (or Shopfreemart is not registered) is not registered to offer the public a legal passive investment opportunity; Not Registered with Securities Regulators.

2- No address listed on website.

3- Their coins are worthless outside of Nugen and ShopFreeMart

4- MLM ICO’s don’t last long

5- Pump and Dump: Usually MLM companies like Nugen Coin will pump up in value and then later dump.

My Verdict:

I predict that Nugen Coin will make a lot of money for the owners and the top MLM promoters. But in order to do so, most of the ‘passive’ investors will have to lose most of their deposited money.

At the end of the day, once Nugen Coin pumps and inevitably dumps, most investors will end up holding a big bag of worthless coins.

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Author: Rory Singh

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  1. I’m thinking a law suit may follow .. you are wrong on so many accounts .. they have an office in Ocala Fl .. I’ve been to it …

    1. Their office address in Ocala is at 1731 SW 2nd Ave. .. they purchased a $900,000 building .. the sale closed June 28th ..

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