OmegaPro Collapses – Withdrawal Problems – Starts Exit Scam

omega pro collapses withdrawals disabled

OmegaPro Passive Investors have been complaining about not being able to withdraw their promised ROI for the past 3 weeks.

Users have also been reporting having site and login issues as well.

Does this mean Rug Pull time for this huge Ponzi Giant?

OmegaPro Withdrawals Disabled and Problems:

omega pro withdrawal problems

This was a comment I got from one of my youtube channel viewers.

This person claims that it’s been at least 3 weeks since they could not get their money out of Omega Pro.

OmegaPro Website Problems:

Some of their other users were reporting that for some time in November they couldn’t access Omega Pro’s ( website because of ‘HTTP’ Errors and codes popping up.

One of the codes that popped up was a ‘520’ HTTP Error Code.

This means that the error was a pairing issue with Cloudflare and

However, the problem exists on the OmegaPro server side and in other words it looks like their own doing (self sabotage).

OmegaPro PulseWorld XPL Token Scam:

Omega Pro has recently added another layer to their ponzi scheme.

They were hoping that investors would get duped into spending more of their money on their MLM Tokens.

However it seems that passive investors and affiliates of Omega Pro didn’t buy into these crazy coins.

MLM coins are the worst form of investment that you can find in crypto.

Most likely this is what imitated the withdrawal problems.

When ponzi scheme bosses can’t get enough people (crypto investors) to keep investing into their company, they usually collapse and that all starts with people not being able to withdraw.

They want to keep most of the newly invested funds to themselves because there is not ‘enough’ new investment to pay their investors base.

Eric Worre OmegaPro December Event:

eric worre omega pro scam

I don’t know what’s up with Worre.

The Network Marketing Pro was just recently caught on youtube doing his best to distance himself from the OmegaPro Ponzi Scheme.

I have no idea if Worre is having money issues since he seems to be fronting a huge investment scam among other personal development guys…

Les Brown Endorses OmegaPro:

les brown endorses omega pro

Then there was Steven Seagal:


Who are they gonna get next?

Tony Robbins?

tony robbins

Bad joke.

I don’t think Tony is as desperate as the gang above to get a little money from a ponzi scheme.

You would think that with all these impressive professional trainers, fronting the scam that they would be able to keep Omega Pro up and running for a very long time.

What are OmegaPro passive investor enthusiast doing while all these withdrawal problems are happening?

Most seem to be taking selfies and getting a little taste of the limelight based on what has been published on the official OmegaPro Facebook page…

omegapro withdrawals disabled

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